Exclusive Video: Enrico Colantoni Updates Fans on VERONICA MARS The Movie

Okay, so Enrico Colantoni wasn’t too specific and let’s face it, didn’t exactly provide what some might consider ‘actual details’ on the highly anticipated (read: dreamed about) VERONICA MARS movie. But everybody’s favorite local sheriff turned private investigator was kind enough time to stop by the tiny slice of real estate that this TV Addict carved out on the red carpet during Friday’s 2008 Gemini Awards (Canada’s Emmy equivalent) to give us an update on the movie.

Simply click play on the above video for Mr. Colantoni’s surprisingly candid answer and be sure to check back tomorrow to find out what Natasha Henstridge had to say about ELI STONE’s sudden cancellation.

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  • luke

    WOW prayer works.

  • anne mangeri

    Nooooooooooo. What the heck is wrong with these networks ? Does everything have to be about murder, sex and violence ? Can’t we just be entertained for entertainment sake ? What a sad commentary for us all.

  • anne mangeri

    My comment above is on the cancellation of Eli Stone. But YIPPEE if there is to be a Veronica Mars tv movie.

  • blueberry

    I wonder if Pushing Daisies had “murder, sex and violence”?

    Every episode someone dies or has died; Ned and Chuck can’t have sex or else then someone will die; and the most violent thing I’ve seen is a lady hit insurance dudes with a baseball bat that grants wishes.

  • Tracey

    HORRAY!!!!! I’m really in need of a Veronica Mars fix…. LOVE IT!!!!

  • TVFan

    My fingers are crossed that we’ll see this movie before Veronica Mars Hits Menopause

  • Josh Emerson

    I find it hard to believe that it’ll actually happen, but I’m still holding out hope! If they can make an Arrested Development movie, why not VM? Kristen seems to have a pretty good career going so that should help the chances of a movie happening sometime. I would probably drop over in the theater from excitement.

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