First Look Video: Courteney Cox Checks into SCRUBS

Now here’s something we didn’t see in the seven years that NBC aired SCRUBS, a promotional push. With that in mind, enjoy this first look at SCRUBS season eight, premiering Tuesday January 6th a 9PM on ABC.

Thanks to The Live Feed for the tip!

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  • Josh Emerson

    I’m loving Scrubs’ switch to ABC. I’m actually seeing promos for the show! And to be honest, this is the only thing keeping me with ABC at all. Brothers & Sisters has been lame as hell this season, as has Grey’s terrible Denny storyline. And don’t get me started on certain recent cancellations.

    Anyway, looks like Courteney Cox is going to be awesome.

  • I loved JD going “Brava!” Scrubs needs to be on NOW!

  • John

    I love that I’m actually seeing promos for Scrubs now, even though it makes me even more impatient. I hate that this season will be the end. I wonder how much better this already stellar show could have been if NBC had shown this sort of support when they were airing the show. I’m looking forward to seeing what new dynamic Cox will bring to the series (as well how her teaming up with BL for a new series will turn out).

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  • Courtney Cox will probably give Scrubs a big PR boost, and she’s pretty funny as well