iFunny: Last night’s combination of two of this TV Addict’s favorite things: THE SIMPSONS and Apple mApple (see above video) was so entertaining that we’re willing to forgive the fact that FOX can’t ever seem to air their holiday episodes remotely close to their actual dates (Christmas in November?) and intolerant Homer stopped being funny five seasons ago (Memo to writers: Think Different.)

Quantity Doesn’t Equal Quality: The following are a few lessons gleaned from Rosie’s jam-packed train-wreck of a Variety Special. Alec Baldwin minus Tina Fey isn’t funny, time has not been kind to Clay Aiken and Rosie should stick to what she does best blogging. Or really, anything that doesn’t involve singing, dancing, fat jokes or sequins.

WTF?!: ALIAS had Rambaldi, LOST has its numbers and finally, after last week’s episode of TERMINATOR, fans of THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES have their very own macguffin in the form of the mysterious three dots. Needless to say, we’re intrigued. Begging the question, would it kill you to tune in tonight?

Entertainment Twilight Weekly: Okay so it’s not exactly TV related. But if our bible/ obsession/ aspirational medium doesn’t tone down the TWILIGHT coverage, this TV Addict is going to cancel my subscription lose it! Who’s with me?