Good News, Bad News: CAPRICA, 90210 & ACCORDING TO JIM

Good News: Sci Fi has just announced that they’ve greenlit CAPRICA, the prequel to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Bad News: 2010 isn’t exactly around the corner. More like a galaxy far far away. [Source]

Good News: FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star Aimee Teegarden is transferring to 90210’s West Beverly High. Bad News: We’re not sure this bodes well for a fourth season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. [Source]

Good News: ABC’s longest running comedy returns tonight at 9PM for an astounding eighth season. Bad News: ABC’s longest running comedy is ACCORDING TO JIM. All together now, “WTF?!” [Source]

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  • NOOOO! Aimee, NOOOO! I’ve been watching FNL on DirecTv and although Julie isn’t my fave I still love her on the she’s gotten less whinier.

  • Apparently Aimee being on 90210 it shouldn’t conflict with any shooting of Friday Night Lights, even if there is a 4th season. So i dont think it means anything, even if the 4th season is not likely at all.