Exclusive BONES Scoop: It’s all Relative

brendan fehr

In lieu of a brand new episode of BONES tonight (or as theTVaddict.com reader “tb” points out, any new episode of BONES since the show is on hiatus until January 15th) , how does some scoop sound?

For BONES fans out there who hoped they had seen the last of Booth’s borderline alcoholic brother Jared, this TV Addict has some bad news for you.

Brendan Fehr, who we had the opportunity to interview at Friday’s 2008 Gemini Awards (Canada’s Emmy equivalent) assures us that Jared will be back to wreck havoc on television’s favorite sometimes platonic investigative duo.

Will you be making a return appearance on BONES:
Brendan Fehr: I’ve actually already shot a second episode and I’ve been informed that they [they, being the BONES writers] have tentative plans to have me come back.

Can you spill anything on the story-line:
Brendan Fehr: I don’t know what the story-line will be for the character. But I do know they want to flesh out my character. And given the opportunity, I’d love to come back.

Translation: Booth and Brennan shippers may not want to get too excited about the scoop in today’s Ausiello Files. We’re just sayin’

Photo Credit: Robin Wong

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  • tb

    *psst* Bones isn’t new. It’s on hiatus until January 15th.

    Secret Millionaire premieres tonight in it’s place.

  • tb, I actually knew that! Which is why I stand by my opening sentence, “In leu of a brand new episode of BONES tonight” 🙂

  • tb

    Oops, sorry. My mistake. I misread 😛

  • Nick.C.

    Im glad Brendan Fehr will be back.I think he’s a good actor and getting to know more about Booth’s past is great.I look forward to seeing what happens…..and when Bones pushed him down in the bar,that was great!

  • Hilsto

    I don’t mind him being back. He isn’t really a threat to ‘shippers I wouldn’t think. He just stirs things up and makes things interesting. I was a fan of Fehr’s back when he was on Roswell. Nice to see him on a show I watch again.

  • I’ve only watched one episode of Bones and it’s because Brenden Fehr was on it. I will regularly watch that show if he’s a character. I love him.