Good News, Bad News: Network Schedule Edition

Good News: NBC is finally pulling the plug on their dreadful KNIGHT RIDER re-boot. Bad News: But not before announcing that they’re super-sizing THE APPRENTICE ‘CELEBRITY EDITION’ to two hours when it returns in March. [Source]

Good News: The CW announced that after a ten month hiatus, REAPER will return to the schedule on March 17. Bad News: Who remembers REAPER? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller. [Source]

Good News: ABC announced the premiere dates for CASTLE (March 9), CUPID (March 24) and THE UNUSUALS (April 8). Bad News: Three shows that have mighty big shoes to fill considering they’re part of the reason that PUSHING DAISIES, ELI STONE and DIRTY SEXY MONEY got the axe. [Source]

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  • blueberry

    So ABC is going to replace the axed shows with a sure-to-be-canceled-because-of-Nathan-Fillion’s-track-record show, a show that’s a remake of a canceled show, and a generic crime/cop procedural?

    I can’t even guess as to which show will get pulled first.

    Any word yet on NBC’s King David re-imagining?

  • KINGS, which I’ve heard is fantastic will take over ER’s timeslot beginning March 19

  • John

    ABC didn’t cancel those shows to air the new shows. ABC canceled Pushing Daisies, et al because they had poor ratings. They then had to put something else on the air.

  • John,
    That’s why I said “they’re part of the reason”. While I do agree that PUSHING DAISIES, DIRTY SEXY MONEY and ELI STONE were all cancelled as a result of poor ratings. It certainly made it a lot easier for ABC to cancel them knowing that CASTLE, CUPID and THE UNUSUALS were waiting in the wings.

  • Linda B.

    I thought Knight Rider got a full season order. When are they pulling it?

  • Linda, KR is filming the 17th episode now, and then they’re done.

    I’m looking forward to Reaper’s return!

    And the sneak peek of Castle looked really funny. Nathan Fillion might finally have landed on a successful show…if crime shows that suck like Eleventh Hour can do so well, maybe a crime show that doesn’t suck will get a chance.

  • Atlast Reaper Returns…I am really looking forward to it 🙂

  • blueberry

    All I know about Kings is what I’ve read online, but boy does it look good on paper.

    I’m marking March 19 Thursday 10 pm EST on my calendar. I have a good feeling about this. Sort of like the feeling I had with Pushing Daisies. Wait…

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ll give Cupid a chance, since Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero are the ones behind it. I can’t stand Sarah Paulson though.

  • Brian

    Wait..Reaper was one of the highlights last year! Suprising, fresh, well done! Don’t slag it off!! I for one was sad it didn’t come back in the fall..and it will have a prime slot in my spring viewing!

  • edward

    The tvaddict do you know who is gonna fill the shoes of boston legal??