Memo to all current and future “Mean Girls.” If the best plan you can come up with to humiliate a rival girl at your upcoming Christmas, Holiday and/or Snowflake Dance is to highlight her smokin’ hot body in front of the well, the entire student body. You may want to consider going back to the drawing board. We’re just saying — by shining the spotlight both literally and figuratively on a barley clad Vanessa during Monday’s installment of GOSSIP GIRL, the Constance Meanies and Little J not only delivered the most PG wardrobe malfunction ever, they ensured that Vanessa is now etched in the fantasties of virtually every boy and probably more than a few girls at school.

Dear DirecTV. Now that you’ve successfully become the coolest satellite provider on the face of the planet by helping co-finance a third season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Might we trouble you to turn your show saving powers towards ABC’s ratings anemic yet highly deserving legal comedy drama hybrid ELI STONE. For reasons why, look no further than last night’s episode which perfectly incapsulated why hundreds of readers have already pledged their support for the show that quite literally has it all. Heart, laughs, drama (of both the relationship and legal variety), not to mention Victor Garber.

And finally, is it safe to assume that the mysterious three dots that Sarah Connor is seeing everywhere correlate to the exact time and date in which Judgement Day becomes a fait accompli? And more importanatly, raise your hand if you’re impressed that we’ve finally managed to work “fait accompli” into a sentence! (Fingers crossed that we spelled it correctly.)

  • lola

    Actually, it’s “fait accompli” (different fait, and two Cs), but points for trying! 🙂


  • Thanks Lola! I’d say that’s the last time I use google as a spell checker, but we all know that’s so not happening.

  • Got to agree with you on Eli Stone, at this point I will take more from just about anywhere, including DirecTV.

  • Josh Emerson

    Forget Eli Stone, lets see DirecTV save Pushing Daisies! I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for a few years and would automatically consider them the best TV provider ever if they picked up Daisies. Plus, the design of the show takes full advantage of The 101 Network’s HD feed. 😀

  • Nick

    Vanessa = H.O.T. Don’t tell Blair, Serena or Jenny, but I’d take Jessica Szohr over any of them! Plus, she snagged the show’s hottest guy, Nate. So yeah, she’s pretty much got it goin’ on.

    Wonder what ever became of her rumored tryst with Rufus? Did feedback scare the writers away?

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  • EKI

    I hate that audiences in europe are not taken into account when cancelling shows. And part of why this is happening is because TV is not done right in our countries, it’s not a serious business.

    If tv shows producers from the US enforced a series of conditions on when or at least how to broadcast their shows to the local networks, we would follow much more shows on TV. In Spain, Eli Stone was sentenced to death from episode 1, sunday nights at a quarter to midnight is not a good time slot, even in the late prime time we have in Spain. Plus, you put a crappy spanish legal comedy as a leading show, you don’t get nobody to watch Eli Stone. Then one sunday after a couple of weeks, you just don’t air the next episode with no reason, while in your website you still announce that Eli is playing at that time… WTF?

    Practically the same happened to Life in another network and to Greek in a third one. This is so frustrating. The only way that I have to follow those shows with a bare minimum of consistency is to, shhh, watch them from internet alternative sources, which apparently doesn’t count for ratings.

    If US show producers demanded a series of conditions (play at reasonable hours, do not make a 40min+20 min in ads) last 40min+45min in ads, to really start at the scheduled hour (not 15 to 30 minutes later), they could allow a lower price for the first seasons, but make sure that their content is broadcasted in favorable conditions to build a solid fan base, more people that will buy the DVDs, making the inversion worth it, and once the fan base is consistent, you can increase the price of your show when selling it to other countries.

    Things done well are always more profitable, but apparently once they have sold the broadcast rights, they do not care anymore of what other networks do with their content.

    As an example on how perjudicial this is, I will just say that in Spain, to watch Lost on TV TOTALLY SUCKS. And I am a JJAbrams fan since we bought all 5 seasons of Alias on DVD at home.