The Pie Maker: The Perfect Villain (and other crazy ideas now that Bryan Fuller is returning to HEROES)

Now that Bryan Fuller has a little free time on his hand thanks to ABC’s total lack of economic bailout for PUSHING DAISIES. It should come as no surprise that yesterday’s Hollywood Reporter confirmed what HEROES fans have been waiting to hear since Fuller revealed to that he’d, “definitely be going back to play with my friends at HEROES” should PUSHING DAISIES get the axe: Bryan Fuller is this close to signing a two-year deal with NBC/Universal to develop new shows for the studio and more importantly return to the Peacock’s once struggling flagship series HEROES.

Another thing that should come as no surprise to readers of is that Fuller’s imminent return to HEROES got this TV Addict thinking. Would it not be delicious if Fuller lessened the blow of DAISIES demise by bringing some of our PUSHING DAISIES favorites over to the HEROES world. Just imagine the possibilities:

The Narrator: Who lulls you in with his dulcet tones only to leave you confounded and confused by his quick-witted verbal patter.

The Pie Maker: Who on the surface sounds harmless. Until one quickly realizes just how unhealthy an endless supply of pies really are. Death by pastry… not nearly as funny or unrealistic as one might imagine!

The Siren: Now admittedly, “The Siren” isn’t exactly an original idea. But let’s face it, neither are ordinary people discovering that they have extraordinary abilities. That and we’re willing to bet dollars to daisies that Kristen Chenoweth could eviscerate by simply belting out a high “C”

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  • Heroes is already on the bubble for me, thanks to a lackluster 2nd season, and the erratic 3rd season so far.

    But, if the Narrator from Pushing Daisies were to voice just one sentence of his annoying drivel on Heroes, I think would feel compelled to delete my Heroes season pass off of Tivo – – immediately.

    If by some miracle I could endure the Narrator’s Dr. Seuss-like babble for a whole episode or longer, it would only be out of the hope that he’d be a villain and would eventually suffer a gruesome death by a hero or another villain.

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  • Jim Dale.. annoying? Are you a freaking idiot?! Jim Dale has one of the smoothest and calming voices of anyone on this planet! He could easily replace Mohinder as the narrator – a VERY welcome change if you ask me. And the idea of bringing the characters from P.D. to Heroes is genius. Although I don’ t think the aunts would have much of a place, I can see Ned working along side Hiro and Ando, Emerson learning from HRG, and Chuck having long, meaningful conversations with Claire about their respective destines. I know it won’t happen, but the idea is out there..