On the off chance Sol and Tommy are having trouble formulating a plan to rid Walker Landing of the duplicitous and some might say borderline evil Holly Harper. We’ve got five letters to get the ball rolling: WWASD (What Would Arvin Sloane Do!)

Even though some might say we’re equally culpable for completely ignoring the genius that is BOSTON LEGAL over the course these past four seasons. This TV Addict would like to use this opportunity to shift the blame to the real guilty party, ABC. I mean it’s almost as if creator genius hyphenate David E. Kelly was sending some sort of cryptic message to the proverbial powers that be when he had Betty White’s Catherine PIper sue the networks during last week’s penultimate episode for failing to cater to anyone outside of the 18-34 demographic.

Amidst all the controversy surrounding Izzie’s foray into ghost whispering and what from here on in shall be referred to as Hahn-Gate, is the far more worrisome fact that this once beloved hospital drama has become what television should never be — a chore to watch. The residents juvenile bickering over the prized solo surgery might have been exciting had we not already spent last season witnessing them fight over the shiny sparkle pager. McSteamy setting his sights on a young intern, boy that sure sounds original. And don’t even get us started on Dr. Sheppard. Are we the only TV Addicts who’ve noticed that poor Patrick Dempsey hasn’t had a story-line of his own all season.

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  • Linda B.

    I haven’t been bored with GA this season. Granted the Dizzie storyline is just stupid, but I’ve been concentrated on the blossoming romance between Christina and Dr. Hunt. I think they are sweet together and can’t wait to see their relationship progress.

  • Gabi

    Yeah, what happened to GA? It really is bad right now, I can’t seem to enjoy it anymore and after everytime I’ve watched it I’ve had millions of things to complain about, and I’m not even trying to do that cause I really want to love this show like I used to.

  • It’s funny you mention Patrick Dempsey’s non storyline this season, as a blind item on E! says that one of the original cast members of Grey’s is being fired, even though he doesn’t know it yet. The clue given was that he/she hasn’t been given a proper storyline this year!

    Saying that, I will be sad to see Boston Legal go. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, but its good that the show leaves on a strong note (creatively as least!). Grey’s on the other hand has been hard to watch, though while confused and irritated, I am intrigued to know where this damn Izzy/Denny storyline is headed!

  • TVFan

    1. I miss Alias

    2. I will miss BL.

    3. Dwen, I highly doubt ABC would kill off one of People’s sexiest people! As well, ABC’s parent company is Disney and Dempsey did help propel Enchanted into a huge hit.

  • Josh Emerson

    I’ve never particularly liked Dempsey or his character, so I think him not having many scenes is one of the few positives about Grey’s this season. What sucks is that the last half of this season and the start of this season were so great. I thought the show was back. Then comes the Denny debacle and we’re back to Season 3 awfulness.

    It’s funny seeing the Boston Legal love now, since so many people have gotten angry in the past for the show taking Emmy nomination slots away from other shows. lol

  • I’ve really enjoyed this season of GA and it hasn’t been a chore at all. Last season was a chore.

    I think BL is the fault of ABC. I did enjoy this show but ABC moved it around so much I got tired of searching for it.

    I can’t wait for Tommy and Saul to take out Holly.

  • Boston Legal is my favorite show. Its a comedy show. i like to watch Boston Legal online. I like its all characters. Its an amazing show. I enjoyed it so much.