Win LOST: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON on DVD is taking page from LOSTerminds Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse by going radio silent. From here on in, there will be no scoop, video and/or promos of any kind prior to LOST’s fourth season premiere on January 21st. Because this TV Addict is a firm believer that like ALIAS and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA before it, LOST is just one of those shows that are far more enthralling to watch when you don’t know what’s going to happen next.

That said, to make up for the fact that is going radio silent, we’re giving away two copies of LOST: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON on DVD. To enter to win, simply post away in the comments below with your favorite jaw-dropping LOST moment and check your email box on December 16 to see if you’re a winner.

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  • Taylor


    i can’t decide!

  • Hmm… Toughie. I remember being shocked when Keamy shot Alex. That was awful. I also didn’t really think that Sawyer would kill Locke’s father. And of course the flash forward!

  • Seeing that Locke’s father is the same with Sawyer’s nemesis. And also finding him on the island.

  • jessica

    I’d say its a toss up between the discovery of the Others being “actors” and finding Sun at Jin tombstone.

  • SImon

    Wow, I was actually planning on stop visiting my favourite TV websites (your’s included) to avoid Lost spoliers, so thanks so much for not spoiling my favourite show!

    My favourite jaw dropping moment was the season three opening scene, when we see The Others’ ‘living area!’

    That was an amazing moment.

  • cabri

    My first jaw-dropper was Locke’s wheelchair. My first scream-out-loud jaw-dropper was the flash forward.

  • Annabel

    The entire season was pretty jaw dropping, but there were a few times where I couldn’t believe what I was watching:
    1 – Kate “seeing” Claire in Aaron’s bedroom in the flashforward,
    2 – Sawyer jumping from the helicopter
    3 – the first glimpse of Locke in the coffin!

  • Geri

    This season:
    Good jaw-dropping moment: Penny and Desmond actually reuniting. I really never expected that to happen.
    Bad jaw-dropping moment(s): The quick and brutal way they got rid of Rousseau and Alex. =(
    But my favorite all-time jaw-dropper would be Walt’s kidnapping by the “boatbilly” Others.

  • Kristen

    For me, the best jaw-dropper would have to be the first, finding out Locke was in a wheelchair! It’s almost like in that moment, I knew why I was drawn to the show! A close second would be finding out Locke’s dad was the original Sawyer!

  • K.

    I read way too many spoilers before season 3 finale, so I knew about flash forwards. But Michael killing Ana and Libby-didn’t see that coming. Also, Benry showing Sawyer the other island was pretty shocking to me.

  • luke

    WOW there’s 60 comments. I have no chance 🙂

  • Taking the awful Nikki and Paolo story and condensing it into one entertaining episode.

  • Mel

    The flash forward…. “We have to go back, Kate!”

  • Chris

    I know that the flash forward was spectacular and so was Lock in a wheelchair but the biggest jaw dropping moment where I literally scream at the TV. HOLY CRAP. was when Michael shot Libby. Rumors were going around about Ana and Lost had the habit of doing a flashback episode when a character died but when the camera slowly goes back to Michael with the gun and suddenly spins around to Libby, two quick shots. I scream Holy Crap.

  • Victoria

    The first time you ealize it was a flash forward was probably my most jaw-dropping moment but the moment of the show I will never forget? “We’re here for the boy.” End of season 1. That season finale scared the bejeezus out of me and my best friend. When the credits finally rolled on that episode we realized that even though we started out on opposite ends of the couch we were now huddled together in the middle holding onto our blankets for dear life. THAT is quality television.

  • Autumn

    Mine had to be the moment in “Flashes Before Your Eyes” when the jewelry store clerk tells Desmond that he’s not supposed to buy the ring for Penny. That’s my favorite episode so far. Trippy.

  • Taylor

    Jeremy Bentham! ‘Nuff said!

  • Adam R

    The Oceanic 6 (+ Frank and Desmond) being rescued by PENNY!!! The moment she looks over the side of the boat I screamed and cryed at the same time! After everything else that had happened on the season 4 final I couldn’t believe they had more twists to offer.

  • Jenn

    I think the best jaw-dropping moment so far is the slow reveal shot where we realize that Locke was the guy in the wheelchair. Years later, it’s still one of my favorite tv memories.

  • andrea

    Nikki & Paolo buried alive was the best!

    oh come on guys its honestly best shocking moment on lost… and they totally deserved it. which is hilarious!

    thank you hurley & sawyer!