Don’t Shoot the Messenger, Re: T.R. Knight

tr knight

From: A TV Addict Reader
To: The TV Addict?Date: December 9, 2009 10:00:35PM
Subject: What’s T.R. Knight Smoking… Re: Korbi’s Scoop

Message Body: Who the frak does T.R. Knight think he is — David Caruso! Mark my words, there is absolutely no film career in T.R.’s future should he exit Seattle Grace and in ten years, after realizing that the grass is not always greener, he’ll resurface on yet another run-of-the-mill CBS procedural. Trust me.

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  • Linda B.

    I’m not bothered by this news at all. George was always my least favorite intern/resident on the show. I never found any of his storylines interesting.

  • Odin

    He got what 16 minutes of screen expose this season all the while the mental story of Izzy is taking over the whole show?

    I can’t blame him that after 5 seaons he wants to get out.

    Now I however agree that there is no film career for him anywhere and that is going to take a while before we see him again on TV (unless he goes the Dean Cain way of horrible useless movies).

    And he was one of my favorite interns in the show, so I am going to miss him.

  • Naf

    Doesn’t anybody on this show understand what an ensemble cast means? When you have a cast this big, sometimes people have to take it in turns to get a major storyline. Izzie didn’t have much to do last year, and then she made that big “Emmy” fuss. Now George has a few light episodes and he’s ready to leave. These people really need to sort out their egos.

  • John

    “These people really need to sort out their egos.”

    Remember you are talking about TV stars here.

  • Josh Emerson

    He was my favorite on the show back in the first couple seasons. Then came Gizzie and the marriage to Callie. So now it won’t really make a difference to me if he leaves the show. It’s too bad how things turned out.

    Now if we could just get them to stop bringing flucking Jeffrey Dean Morgan back. Enough!

  • While it doesn’t matter much since I haven’t watched any of this season (intentionally), I am still glad to hear the news. George was a decent character for the first season or two, but after a while he started to get on my nerves.

    His annoying speech pattern and neurotic hangups never improved, and marrying Callie and cheating on her with a Izzie in a completely unbelievable relationship just ruined the character. He’s one of many reasons I stopped watching. And, from what I hear about Izzie and Denny’s ghost, it was not too soon to stop.

  • Naf

    “Remember you are talking about TV stars here.”

    The Brothers And Sisters cast seem to be doing fine. Tommy hadn’t been featured much this season, and then he got something big to play this past week. These actors need to learn to take it in turns. It is going to be sad to see George go though. Grey’s Anatomy really needs to sort themselves out when it comes to these “scandals”. I’m a big fan of the show, and it’s had some ups and downs, but it’s getting hard to focus on the actual episodes with all this madness going on. Everytime I see Izzie now, I just imagine Katherine Heigl wondering if the scene is going to win her and Emmy.

  • I was one who thought T.R.Knight’s character added something different to show. And while I hated last season’s relationship with Izzy, I think it works to his advantage that he’s not been on this season. My feeling is he wants out because he realizes the show is getting a lot of bad press and he wants out before its cancelled. However, be warned, the same thought process occured to one Mischa Barton. Can’t remember the last time I saw her on something decent…. just sayin’

  • Nick

    Dwen? Ya don’t have to worry about Grey’s getting cancelled. ABC has so little going for it these days (outside of LOST), they’ll milk this dead cow till the last lesbian has left the building.

    It’s just too bad that moronic TV viewers watch this drech, while the far superior Supernatural airs opposite.

  • SimplyKimberly

    If I were him, I would stay put and collect the check. But, ego and hubris being what it is in L.A., I know he won’t have the sense to do that.

    Yeah, he’s got nothing outside of GA.

  • showtime

    I hope T.R. realizes that he would be nothing without Grey’s Anatomy and he will be nothing if he leaves Grey’s Anatomy. I think his best friend Katherine Heigl should sit him down and tell him about all the hell she received after she took her name off the Emmy ballot and maybe he’ll think again about biting the hand that feeds him.

  • Naf

    There’s a long way to go before Grey’s gets cancelled. It’s ratings have only gotten better this season after the whole Denny thing. It’s always number one in the demos, and number two overall after CSI.

    Dwen, regarding the Mischa Barton comment. The O.C got about 100 times better after she left, so hopefully the same thing will happen with Grey’s. Although, wasn’t she let go rather than quitting?

  • tim w. in tx

    TR’s done five years. He’s got a nest egg and residuals to live off of. lol If he’s not being used and there are no plans to use him, why stay? Just for a check? lol He can move on to something else in TV and hit it big. I don’t think he’s done.

  • MO

    I hate Grey’s Anatomy and most of its actors, but I don’t get the outrage at T.R. Knight wanting to leave. I don’t think this is a David Caruso move at all. Just a few days ago, it seemed a lot of people thought Knight was the subject of that Blind Item about a soon-to-be-fired TV star. Wouldn’t it look better for him to leave the show than to be fired?

  • showtime

    Its true that he hasn’t been doing much in the show this past season. If he’s not happy he can leave, because I personally won’t miss him. I was just thinking at he might want to wait until his contract ends before asking to be taken off the show. I’m just waiting to see him on Celebrity Fit Club in a couple of years.