MARS Star’s New Gig!

jason o’mara

Wanna see LIFE ON MARS’ Jason O’Mara (Sam) in a whole new light? Be sure to check out the premiere of TNT’s new show, TRUST ME, on Monday, January 26, at 10 p.m. ET, where you’ll be able to watch the actor pitch a fit — not to mention a DVD — as mad ad man Stu Hoffman. The series — starring Eric McCormack (WILL & GRACE) and Tom Cavanaugh (ED) as modern advertising execs — is a fast-paced, work-place dramedy (more edy than dra) which plays like a more-grounded NIP/TUCK. This isn’t entirely surprising, seeing as it comes from the medical drama’s production team. As for Mara’s gig on TRUST ME — formerly titled TRUTH IN ADVERTISING — expect it to be short-lived, meaning it won’t interfere with LIFE ON MARS in the least.

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  • Josh Emerson

    Using the phrase “MARS Star’s” just made me think of Veronica Mars! You had me thinking there might be some scoop on what Kristen Bell will be up to next. 🙁

    That show does look good though.

  • Hahahaha… sorry about that Josh, oddly enough, the confusion between LIFE ON MARS and VERONICA MARS never even crossed my mind!