Today’s Pet Peeve

charlie brown

From BradInToronto (via Twitter): CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS on ABC instead of CBS. It’s just not the same without the “CBS Special Presentation” freaky spot to start.

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  • BradInToronto

    For those too young to remember the “freaky” CBS Special Presentation spot:

  • ewanspotter

    Gotta love the ole Special Presentation opener. Memories. Of course, it also makes me think of Supernatural now, since they got to use the same opening in last year’s Christmas episode.

  • Nick

    The Supernatural Christmas episode will air again this year on CHRISTMAS night! Yea!!!

    Watch for the great Merrilyn Gann (Rose from Everwood) as the “bad” Mrs. Claus. This episode also contains one of the series most moving scenes, with Sam and Dean’s hotel room “celebration” and gift exchange. Don’t miss it.