Question of the Day: Sex!!!

jennifer aniston nude

Now that we’ve got your attention, who is more desperate for it? Former FRIEND Jennifer Aniston, who has decided to sell her family friendly holiday movie MARLEY & ME by posing practically nude on the cover of GQ. Or the SCI FI network, who, in hyping up the final season of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA have decided to highlight two of Starbuck’s best.. err… assets over critical acclaim, legions of fans and a prestigious Peabody Award.

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  • blueberry

    I’m too scared to glance at Starbuck’s jumblies because she can kick me ass one-hundred and one ways.

  • amelia

    looks like bsg sort of copied the terminator posters from last year!!

  • amelia,

    It’s so funny you say that because that was exactly my first thought!

  • Leo

    I think Aniston has enough attention as it is… Maybe she is revamping the image and getting away from Rachel?

    As for BG… omg… I have never seen the show, but now I am wondering why it isnt aired by Playboy Tv??