TV Talkback: Golden Globe Nominations

Couch Tater: Oh, that wacky Foreign Press Corps members! Unlike their Emmy-nominating brethren, the Golden Globe nominators actually seem to occasionally look beyond the perenial favorites and recognize good work being done on shows other than, say, THE OFFICE. Sure, I’ve never even heard of some of the nominated things… I mean, seriously, what the hell is CRANFORD? But they showed a little love to my beloved TRUE BLOOD (which scored nods for both Anna Panquin as Best Actress and the series as Best Drama), so I have to return the favor and give ’em back at least a little affection. That said, as always, my love comes with a caveat. In this case: What, you couldn’t give BLOOD’s Lois Smith a nod for her portrayal of Sookie’s grandma?

The TV Addict: Look beyond their perennial favorites, are you kidding me? HOUSE, Sally Field, ENTOURAGE, America Ferrera, and worst of all Tony Shalhoub for what sure seems like his 75 nomination! Sadly, the Golden Globes are as predictable as ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled for many of the nominees (30 ROCK, DEXTER, MAD MEN etc…) But if the Hollywood Foreign Press really wanted to recognize True… err, I mean new blood, we’d see nominations for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, DAMAGES, LOST and Julia Louis Dreyfus.

Couch Tater: Oh, I see how you are. It’s okay that the same people get nods… as long as they’re people you like! I kid, I kid. You’re right, of course, but I’ve always said it takes baby steps for an institution like the Golden Globes or the Emmys to change. And we’ve got those here. I mean, I was surprised to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers for THE TUDORS. And when I say surprised, make no mistake, it was a pleasant one, ’cause the guy is amazing. In a single scene, he can go from chewing the scenery to tugging at your heart strings. Perhaps the most daring of the nominations? Catherine Keener for AN AMERICAN CRIME. For those who didn’t catch it, this was a tough-to-watch flick about a woman (Keener) whose slow descent into madness involves taking a teenage neighborhood girl hostage and allowing the other kids to torture her. But then there’s that weirdly baffling category Performance By An Actor In A Supporting Role In A Miniseries Or Motion Picture Made For Television… which somehow includes HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and ENTOURAGE. So why not just call this Any Actor Who Ever Did Anything Not Quite Worthy Of A Leading-Role Nomination?

The TV Addict: Firstly, any category that recognizes Neil Patrick Harris and Rachel Griffiths is a-okay with me. That said… I QUIT! Seriously, I’m done! Kaput! This TV Addict can no longer continue to maintain this façade of excitement for the been-there-done-that Golden Globes. Because nothing ever changes and nothing, it seems, ever will. That is, unless the Hollywood Foreign Press is reading this and takes my suggestion to heart. Rather than continue to nominate the exact same actors year after year (see: Sally Field, Mariska Hargitay, Kyra Sedgwick, America Ferrera, Hugh Laurie, Steve Carell, and Tony Shalhoub), why not put a moratorium on the number of nominations an actor can receive for playing the same character? Just imagine. Not only would Jeremy Piven’s retirement from Golden Globe contention open up a spot for some exciting and deserving new talent such as THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Jim Parsons. But it might also help attract new viewers to an award ceremony that is quickly losing both relevancy and interest to the 98% of the country that doesn’t watch MAD MEN or know what a CRANFORD is.

Couch Tater: Oh, ain’t that sweet. You still have the capacity to dream big! Look, I couldn’t agree more, it WOULD be a nice change of pace to see, say, WORST WEEK’s Kyle Bornheimer be recognized as one of the most talented newcomers to hit the comedy scene in years. But we also have to keep in mind one very important thing: There’s a reason people like Sally Field get nominated every year in a category that acknowledges the best actors in the industry… because, simply put, they ARE the best. Plus, let’s face it, I don’t think nominating anyone from BATTLESTAR is going to exactly bring droves of viewers to the awards telecast, seeing as BROTHERS & SISTERS has about… doing the math… carry the one… a gajillion more viewers than our beloved BSG. And finally, do we really want to see people nominated simply because it might improve ratings for the telecast? The awards already are viewed in many sectors as a popularity contest… wouldn’t such a move make the situation worse instead of better? No, my friend, I think you and I will just have to accept the fact that when it comes to the Golden Globes and the Emmys, critics such as ourselves will have to speak out for the ignored but beloved actors out there. And heck, would we really have it any other way? I mean, if they nominated all our favorites, what would we have to complain about?

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  • Cranford=PBS movie starring Judi Dench, and actually pretty good.

    Also, I thought it was weird how In Treatment, which had the lowest ratings of all the show nominated, got the most nominations.

    And no nods for The Wire OR The Shield? Sacrilege!

  • Ashley

    Was Damages eligible? I assumed it wasn’t, since new episodes haven’t aired for a pretty long time. Close and Byrne were both nominated last year.

  • Hil

    Cranford was pretty good. I typically don’t care for that category because I’ve very rarely watch any of them anyway, but I actually did watch Cranford.