Today’s Pet Peeve

klafs (via twitter): Actors playing siblings/relatives on TV and then hooking up in real life. It is creepy.

Adds the TV Addict: Creepy yes, but also wrong. Because let’s face it, if the pairings of Chad Michael Murray/Sophia Bush, Michael Vartan/Jennifer Garner and Adam Brody/Rachel Bilson have taught us anything, it’s that ‘showmances’ (as they’re sometimes referred to) almost never work out and more often than note, adversely affect our favorite story-lines. Which is why this TV Addict would like to take things one step further and place a moratorium on any and all off screen romances. Who’s with me?

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  • Don’t forget about Jesse Spencer and Jennifer Morrison on House. They hooked up in real life and the show, got engaged in real life, split up in real life, and are still a couple on the show. Awkward.

    Granted, they’re barely on House any more (not that I mind; the new batch of doctors are more interesting anyway). And, they appear to be a pretty lukewarm couple when they do make an appearance.

  • Oh, also… Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly on Lost. They got engaged, and his character on the show was killed off.

  • Also you forgot Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Amer Thiessen, those 3-named lovers of yester-year, they got together, broke up and then their characters started dating on the show.

    But their love produced one of my favorite made-for-TV movies, She’s Not Alone.

  • TVFan

    I hate when stories seems to be dictated by actor’s personal lives. Can’t wait to see what happens when the entire cast of Gossip GIrl puts a stop to their off set antics.

  • Marissa

    Don’t forget about Dan and Serena on Gossip Girl!!! (Blake lively and Penn Badgley)…and now SUPPOSEDY Ed Westwick and the gir that plays Jessica Schzor (the girl that plays Vanessa)…..

  • Naf

    Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson did great work even after they broke up. But you’re also forgetting Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp. Didn’t their off-screen relationship de-Walker Rebecca?

  • Nick

    How about Emily VanCamp and Gregory Smith from Everwood….then Emily and her TV brother, Chris Pratt.


    It’s always the kids, though. Hormones rage, teens kiss…and it’s all over, man.

  • This totally made my day! 😀 And yes, the ban on couples on/off screen overall doesn’t work out ever!

  • -the ban on. Don’t know how that got in there :S

  • I didn’t know about Dave Annable and Emily VanCamp (I thought he was holding out for me lol) but apparently she’s all about the co-star love.