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In celebration of the X-FILES Movie recent release on DVD and Blu-ray, is thrilled to be able to give away two Blu-ray copies of the Ultimate X-Phile Edition to two lucky readers.

To enter to win, simply post in the comments below the entire X-FILES mythology in chronological order. Just kidding! Post away with your favorite X-FILES episode and why. And be sure to check your email inbox on December 19 to find out if you’re a winner.

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  • Favorite episode is SMALL POTATOES – what’s not to love about SMALL POTATOES? Mysterious monkey tail babies being born in a small town, a woman convinced that she was impregnated by Luke Skywalker (Scully deadpanned: “Did he bring his lightsaber?”) circus freaks, “Mulder” coming onto Scully…one of the most hilarious episodes of the entire series and is always the first episode that comes to mind for me, even though I love the mythology and other eps as well.

  • Chris

    Home – inbreed family, Scully and Mulder running through the house, sheriff getting clubbed to death, mother living on a cart under the bed…easily the scariest hour the show ever did. So scary and good that it was banned from FOX for awhile. When X-Files was in its prime (pre move to LA) it was as good as anything on TV.

  • CaptainZap

    “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space” Jese Ventura and Alex Trebek as Men in Black. Charles Nelson Reilly. What more do you need? It’s the best blankity-blank episode ever and no blank-hole can tell me different!

    Runner-Up: “Small Potatoes” I can’t pass this one up whenever I see it on the grid. It always makes me laugh.

    Am I the only one who appreciated X-Files best as a comedy?

  • Linda B.

    Home freaked me out!

    My favorite episode was “In the Field Where I died.” Haven’t seen it in years, i just remember being moved by that episode.

  • Home, most definitely. It was the episode everbody talked about before we saw it and even after. It suddenly awoke my fascination for the inbreed family-genre in film also, so huge bonus there. 😉

  • TRIANGLE. Reading about what went into creating that episode, it’s really incredible they pulled it off.

  • Jordan

    “Humbug.” Circus freaks and Gillian Anderson eating a bug. What’s not to love?

  • Mosdl

    Bad Blood ( is my fav, the vamp ep with scully/mulder telling what happened from their point of view.

    The only other drama show that is able to make me laugh as much is House these days!

  • Gonna go with “Pusher”, followed VERY closely by “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” and “Small Potatoes”.

  • tohotally

    So many to choose from, but the one that came to mind first for some reason is “Chinga” — co-written by Stephen King and set fittingly in Maine, I remember watching when it first aired really vividly for some reason (was in 11th grade!).

  • seejayess

    “Home”, b/c it was one of the scariest episodes of any TV show I’d ever seen.

  • ewanspotter

    My favorite episode has still gotta be 6×06, “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas.” (And not just because it’s nearing Christmas now. This episode is still my favorite in the summer.) Fantastic last act.

  • Lori Kapes

    I love the previous episodes mentioned like “Home” and “The Field Where I Died” but I also really like “Quagmire” from Season 3.
    The episode is about a small town that supposedly had their own Loch Ness Monster. Mulder of course believes in the possibility of this monster existing. At the end of the episode he thinks he’s shot it down when it comes on to dry land, however it turns out to be just a crocodile thus convincing Mulder that the monster was just another myth and exaggeration. After Mulder walks away dejected there’s a long shot of the nearby lake and the Loch Ness type monster does in fact emerge swimming through the water. At that point, i was like “nooo Mulder there it is!” I thought it was a cool creepy episode that reflected all those folklore stories and mythologies about things that go bump in the night.

  • H-Town

    How the Ghost Stole Christmas,The Unnatural, The Goldberg Variation, can’t decide which is my favorite. So so many.