Following yesterday’s announcement (via twitter) that this TV Addict was fortunate enough to be watching (and loving) tonight’s fall finale of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, it should come as no surprise that one word quickly permeated our inbox. Spoilers, spoilers and yes, more spoilers!

Unfortunately, if we were to give away what really happens to our intrepid hero(es) in the final moments of tonight’s installment, we’re fairly confident that our good friends over at Warner Bros. PR would have us… umm… terminated. Which is why we’ve concocted this incredibly vague, non-spoilery, yet very special installment of theTVaddict.com’s patented “Good, Bad, & Ugly” in an effort to whet your appetite for tonight’s fantastic fall finale. (Airing at 8PM on FOX, “A” in Canada)

The Good: Tonight’s adventure truly lives up to the title “The Sarah Connor Chronicles,” as our titular hero heads off on her own to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the unexplainable three dots. Oddly enough, this week’s episode entitled, “Earthlings Welcome Here” gave even more credence to our only half-joking off-the-cuff remark last week that creator Josh Friedman was preparing for the show’s February move to Friday night by delving even further into X-Files territory. As this week, Sarah heads to a UFO convention in the hopes of discovering whether or not, you know, the truth is out there.

Of course, this being TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES, it’s not so much truth that is out there, as much as the usual tropes that invariably cross Sarah’s path. Acquaintances who aren’t whom they appear to be (both literally and figuratively), numerous gun-slinging baddies and one incredibly unwelcoming security guard ensure that Sarah’s road trip doesn’t lack in the excitement department.

Where tonight’s installment does deviate from the norm is when it comes to characters whose last name is not ‘Connor.’ One of whom will get the show’s trademark electromagnetic ball of energy treatment to help shine the blue light on some of his (or her) backstory. While Agent Ellison is given what is easily one of his most fascinating scenes of the series thus far. As he attempts to teach his new student the difference between right and wrong (Probably not going to go well).

The Bad: Even though there is a nice ‘B’ story that clearly shows Riley replacing Cameron as John’s morale support-bot. For a fall finale, the episode is far too light on two of our favorite robots whose names both happen to start with the letter “C”.

The Ugly: Aside from the unfortunate fact that Brian Austin Green’s Derek Reese is M.I.A. for the entire episode is the now standard fall finale cliffhanger. One that not only ends in a flash (pause to let that ambiguous clue sink in), but like all cliffhangers must, will leave you scratching your head and surfing the net for answers, theories and clues until the show returns in February 2009.

Photo Credit: Michael Roberts/FOX

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  • I am going to be so pissed off when my anti-depressants wear off.

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  • Scott B.

    That episode was horrible. Really this whole season really hasn’t been that great. It feels like the writers don’t quite know what to make happen. I hope in Feb the series takes off like the 1st season…

  • Ken

    This episode wasn’t good at all. Sarah’s story ate up a lot of time (it was good, just too long) and the Cameron/Riley struggle was worse than lackluster.

  • I’ve actually enjoyed this season even more than the first and feel they are constantly improving, albeit in very small baby steps. My only complaint about last night’s episode is that it was a little too tame for a cliffhanger episode.

  • BB

    Hhhmm, on balance I think I was hoping for a little bit better. Loved some things like the way Riley picked things up and touched them after she came back. It really gave me the sense of someone seeings these everyday things for the first time and almost being afraid to touch incase it all went away again. The Ellison/John Henry stuff was first rate as well. I find JH even more chilling than Cromartie. I felt the Cameron/Riley confrontation was a bit weak and the whole way the blogger (sorry can’t remember hos/her name) had disguised himself didn’t quite work for me. Interesting new thread (‘cos we need more of those) around the biker (seemingly not a terminator) but for the super cautious Sarah to let her guard down and get taken out so easily at the end seemed out of character. Finally, the closing shots just didn;t have the impact for me that the end of season 1 had.

    All that said, I’m still really enjoying the show and looking forward to next year. My hope is that the threads start weaving together soon to allow for a consistent conclusion to the series rather than a rushed and contrived joining of the dots.