Week in Rewind: SNL, NBC, Ed Westwick & More!

Mea Culpa of the Week: After calling for his dismissal on more than one occasion, we feels it’s only fair to give credit where credit is due. Not only did Fred Armisen’s hilarious impersonation of Governor David Patterson on this weekend’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE manage to keep us from reaching for the fast forward button. He genuinely had us ROTFL (Rolling on the floor laughing).

Disappointment of the Week: In theory, Stephanie (special guest star Sara Rue) using sex to distract Leonard from breaking up with her on THE BIG BANG THEORY sure seemed like a funny idea. Too bad the reality of using (or withholding) sex to get what you want played out like one of the oldest (and least funny) sitcom tropes in the book. 

Emmy Bait of the Week: Following last Monday’s surprisingly emotional performance by one Chuck Bass. We’d like to say six words we never thought we’d associate with GOSSIP GIRL. For Your Emmy Consideration: Ed Westwick.

Depressing News of the Week: Whether you love him or loathe him, one thing is abundantly (or is it depressingly?) clear with regards to NBC’s surprising deal to award Jay Leno the weeknights at 10PM slot. Network television will never be the same. Especially if you’re anything like us, and happen to be a fan of the traditional hour long drama.

Comedy Duo of the Week: After delivering yet another hilarious installment of THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE theTVaddict.com would not only like to officially crown Christine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Barb (Wanda Sykes) the new Queens of Comedy. But concur with Entertainment Weekly by proclaiming OLD CHRISTINE the new WILL & GRACE.

  • Seth Cohen

    Are you kidding about Fred Armisen’s David Patterson impression? As I was watching it, I found the whole thing to be ridiculously inappropriate. They were made fun of him because he is blind… yeah, that’s hilarious!

  • Marissa

    COMPLETELY AGREE bout ED WESTWICK!!!! He’s an amazing actor and definitely has a long acting career ahead!! This was by far the best episode of season 2! Can’t wait till January 5th!

  • nctodc

    I have to agree with Seth on SNL and I was a little shocked to see you tweet your affection for that sketch as it was happening, TV Addict. I thought it was crude and offensive and once again, Fred Armisen proved himself to be a complete waste of space.

  • Josh Emerson

    Agreed. Didn’t like the Patterson impression at all. It’s sad that this is what SNL has turned into.

  • Just for the record. It wasn’t the fact that he was blind that was funny. It was more about the bizarre situation that led him to become Governor, the New Jersey bashing and the bit about upstate New York.

  • I don’t think Ed Westwick will get an Emmy (though he should for the outfits ALONE). The CW is always thoroughly snubbed (see: Buffy, Gilmore Girls) and I’m sure the new GG will be snubbed as well.

    Though they’re the ones buying everything and watching a lot of television, the demographic that watches these shows is completely overlooked when it comes to awards.

  • Naf

    Am I the only one who thought Ed Westwick was way over the top during last weeks GG? His performance, along with all the Bloc Party during the emotional scenes, took away from what was an almost perfect episode.

  • Vonnie

    Ed’s turn as grieving Chuck Bass instead of uber slick evil plotter was definitely a roller coaster ride.
    I don’t know if it’s Emmy worthy but it’s worth looking at.
    But if Ed gets an Emmy nod for one soul wrenching tear jerking episode…Jensen Ackles better be showered with them for the weight he’s had to carry in his role as Dean Winchester on Supernatural. He does what Ed did week in week out.