HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: For the Record, Eh

Ignoring the fact that last night’s HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER was eerily familiar to the classic FRASIER episode where Frasier commandeers Daphne’s local watering hole, this TV Addict wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight. Canadians are not afraid of the dark (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

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  • LOL godd one…But I believe most people (not only Canadians) are afraid of Dark 🙂

  • I thought that was the randomest Canadian thing ever. But so funny. And I loved Barney’s christmas songs about Ted’s sister … and one Hanukkah song.

  • A little part of me died that night, Son…………:-) Hilarious, absolutely hilarious.

  • sara

    I know that this post is about How I Met Your Mother but did anyone think that last nights episode of The Big Bang Theory was pure genius. I was laughing so hard I was crying when Penny gave Sheldon the “napkin”?

  • yeah sarah, the end of the episode was absolutely hilarious!
    i was watching it in the train this morning, couldn’t help to chuckle lol
    people were staring at me weirdly xD

    jim parsons is such a talented actor!

  • I loved the “Look Leonard, Sheldon’s hugging me!” Penny/Sheldon FTW!

    Both BBT and HIMYM were stellar last night.