Today’s Pet Peeve

The TV Addict with Brian Austin Green in Los Angeles, August 2008

Can networks please stop referring to actors as ‘series regulars’ when they don’t appear regularly. Case in point, last night’s fall finale of TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES was completely 100% Brian Austin Green free. Series regular, we think not.

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  • Now that you mention it, I’m all for girl power but B.A.G. is 75% of why I watch this show.

    I did like seeing Jess slap Riley though. Come on, you know you’ve wanted to.

  • Alyssa

    Seems like a sign to me that they are filming more than one episode at a time. The past three episodes have had really weird amounts of each of the main characters. They’re probably filming two episodes at once to cut down costs.

  • Alyssa,

    Way to rain on my parade with your well thought out logical explanation 🙂

  • allie

    Totally agree, especially since he is 99% of the reason I watch the show (which is odd, since I was not a fan back in the days of the original 90210)!

  • He is a series regular. Many supporting actors have contracts where they appear in all but a handful of episodes. In fact, if you look back at previous episodes, we’ve also been Cameron and John free a time or two.

    Most supporters typically are contracted for 20 of 22 episodes in a season. We just aren’t supposed to notice when they aren’t around. =P