First Look: SMALLVILLE Returns

How many days until January 15?

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  • Mario

    Crap… Lana is hot as ever… and still repeating the same dumb lines… the writers really need a change of scenery before writing for kristin…

  • Mohammad

    holy crap
    this might just be the best season ever.
    i cannot waittt!

    honestly, i wouldn’t mind a season 9 if it was of this quality.
    i wish al and miles had left years ago

  • blueberry

    Looks like Heroes. Or does Heroes look like Smallville?

    The only difference is I’ve stopped watching Smallville a long time ago, while I only wish that I stopped watching Heroes.

  • CRAP! I can’t effing wait….why is that Smallville always has to piss off it’s fans and make them wait forever?!