We Give the CW its Mid-Season Report Card

THE GOOD: Three hardworking remnants from the beloved WB era (SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL and ONE TREE HILL) proved you don’t need silly things like an actual marketing budget to be successful. While the gang from GOSSIP GIRL finally started to convert all of their highly-publicized off-screen buzz into on-screen ratings.

THE BAD: Sadly, the same can’t be said for the CW’s re-boot of 90210, which was plagued with a trifecta of troubles including uninspired story-telling, disappointing rating and their very own Canadian-diva-in-training (We’re so proud!). Also falling under the umbrella of bad news was the network’s failed attempt to translate some of Tyra’s TOP MODEL magic to their newest franchise hopeful STYLISTA and the entire Sunday Night experiment with M.R.C. (Media Rights Capital); which was quickly cancelled after the CW discovered that viewers were M.I.A.

THE FUTURE: Aside from REAPER returning on March 17 in the plum post-90210 timeslot, we’ve got nothing. Fruthermore, we have yet to meet a soul who is looking forward to, let alone heard of the network’s January reality TV/horror offering 13 FEAR IS REAL. And we’re still waiting for the network to show us they’ve got it in them to develop an entirely original new series that isn’t based on a re-boot of an already popular franchise (MELROSE PLACE), a spin-off (GOSSIP GIRL) or a series of popular teen-centric books.


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  • Naf

    The last time The CW attempted original stuff, like the brilliant Aliens In America and Reaper, both shows didn’t fare too well in the ratings and one of them was cancelled. This year they gave it another shot with Privileged, and no one is watching that either. I blame America.

  • TVFan

    I shudder to think how well Supernatural, Smallville and One Tree Hill (and Privileged for that matter) might be doing if they had been given a fifth of the marketing budget that 90210 and Gossip Girl gets.

  • Nick

    I wholeheartedly agree, Naf. Americans are blatantly ignorant anymore. And it’s not just with CW shows. From Pushing Daisies to Arrested Development, nets that rely on strict “numbers” instead of targeted “demos” are not finding success with great, original programming. Wow, can you imagine adding AD to The Office and 30 Rock on Thur? That’s how execs need to think—target your demos, assemble “cult” favorites, and let the rest of the numskulls (old people, those on welfare) watch FOX.

  • Mellow

    I love Privileged but as per usual, whenever the CW has a quality show, they ignore it completely. They did the same thing to Aliens in America which was brilliant and truly innovative for American televsion.

    All I can say is thank God Supernatural started on the WB and built a core audience in it’s first season otherwise the CW’s negligence would have killed this scrappy little show years ago.

    I think C+ is too generous for the mismanagement of this network.

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  • Kirma Cammy

    I agree completely with Mellow. (except for the Privileged thing)

    The CW does a terrible job promoting the shows that keep them alive. Thank god for fanbases. I shudder to imagine what the CW would be like without them, acually, I doubt it would still exist.