Good News: CBS is attempting to snag the rights to the 2014 and 2016 Olympics from NBC. Bad News: We’re not so sure how we feel about their rebranding strategy, “CSI: Olympics” [Source]

Good News: MOMMA’S BOYS, NBC’s latest stab at reality show success tanked in the ratings. Bad News: Yet still managed to do better than ELI STONE among the highly coveted 18-34 demographic. [Source]

Good News: As a result of the sagging economy, CTV is giving CANADIAN IDOL a rest this season. Bad News: The economy has yet to sag low enough to give host Ben Mulroney a rest. Who will still remain gainfully employed at E!Talk Daily. [Source]

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  • Nick

    I didn’t watch Momma’s Boys, but saw the clip of the racist/bigot mother. Actually looks quite interesting (in a twisted way). And her son is model hot. I’m sure the girls will all migrate to him, momma or not.

  • Hmm, still confused, whats up with the 18-34 demographic. They bailed on Joan of arcadia, and now they are bailing on Eli Stone? What, Maggie and Taylor aren’t good enough for them?

  • Nick.C.

    There’s a CANADIAN IDOL???