Today’s Pet Peeve

From CouchTater: Can someone explain to me why everything from THE BEST OF PASSWORD (seriously?) to MANNIX has been released on DVD, but not THE POWERS THAT BE? For the love of all things politically incorrect, the show stars David Hyde Pierce, John Forsythe, Holland Taylor and a slew of other stars in one of the funniest — and underappreciated — sitcoms to come down the pike. But no, we have to make room on the store shelves for the January 13th release of MATLOCK’s second season. Folks, the people who watch MATLOCK don’t know how to work the DVD players their grandkids forced upon them for Christmas last year.

Adds the TV Addict: I’m with you CouchTater. Because really, who needs to add such favorites like EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY to my DVD collection when CBS/Paramount just announced that the second season of CAROLINE IN THE CITY will be released on March 10th, 2009!

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  • Tana

    The Powers That Be is one of two shows I’ve been watching for without any real hope of them showing up. I wish someone would listen to you, CT!

  • ct

    You know, I often say that TV would be a much better place if people would listen to me!

  • Along these same lines, Ain’t It Cool News lists among this week’s new releases:

    – The Venture Bros. – Season 2 (?? Venture Bros. ??)
    – History Channel’s Gang Land – Season 2
    – Jurassic Fight Club – Season 1
    – Mr. Bean: The Ultimate Collection
    – The Mummy: The *Animated* Series – Volumes 1, 2, and 3
    – Petticoat Junction – Season 1
    – Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Into the Jungle
    – Power Rangers Jungle Fury: Way of the Master

    Those things get released on DVD. BUT, after OVER A YEAR since season 1 was released, I am STILL denied the pleasure of seasons 2 thru 4 of PICKET FENCES — an excellently written David E. Kelley drama told from the point of view of a 1990’s family living in the quirky, tight-knit town of Rome, Wisconsin…

    A town which serves as a microcosm for all the social challenges of a changing world. If it’s a quirk, crime, disability, mental disorder, social disorder, sexual disorder, controversial socio-political topic, or anything else weird, it comes to the sleepy town of Rome, and they deal with it in their own innocent but intellectual & methodical ways.

    A severed head, an elephant-stealing dwarf, euthanasia, a transsexual, the Green Bay Chopper, the Potato Man, the Frog Man, death by steamroller, menopause, goat sacrifices, sexy twins, an HIV+ dentist, a serial killer, Parkinson’s Disease, a fetal tissue transplant, UFO sightings, a Native American skirmish, a pregnant fugitive, a pig liver transplant… Well, those are just a few of the highlights, from the *first* season.

    Season 1 doesn’t have nearly enough of Judge Henry Bone (played by the great Ray Walston) who doesn’t become a main character until season 2. It isn’t until season 2 episode 2 that Rome begins its string of bad luck holding onto mayors who die or are removed due to spontaneous combustion, soft-core adult video scandal, Alzheimer’s Disease (a David E. Kelley staple), and murder.

    We haven’t gotten to the great Don Cheadle joining the cast as the town’s District Attorney. We haven’t gotten to Marlee Matlin as the Dancing Bandit. We haven’t gotten to the really bizarre episode where a baby has, well, a very unique surrogate mother.

    I want to know why 3/4 of this show still has not been released on DVD. It’s a crime!!! A travesty!!!

    Oh, there it is on Hulu. For free. Only s1 & s2, and there are six episodes missing from s2. I guess that’s better than nothing. For now. I can calm down now — a little bit. 😉

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m still waiting for ABC’s sitcom Less Than Perfect to be released on DVD. I always liked that show! You’d think it might have a chance with the cast the show had. Zach Levi (Chuck), Sara Rue, Eric Roberts, Sheri Shepard, Patrick Warburton. It was good despite Andy Dick.

  • amelia

    ok, but you can’t deny that caroline in the city is great…