Our 2008 TV Year in Review (Part II)

tv year in review

Things this TV addict will never get over: STYLISTA? Seriously? Okay, kids, you know the song by heard: “For this they cancelled JACK AND BOBBY, EVERWOOD and VERONICA MARS?”

Best scene stealer: THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Jim Parsons somehow turns every single movement alter ego Sheldon makes into comedy gold. Here’s hoping he takes home some Emmy gold for his efforts.

Person most responsible for a show losing their credibility: The fact that Cloris Leachman managed to remain on DANCING WITH THE STARS as long as she did proved that the show is anything but a talent contest.

Man we love to hate: Not since Larry Hagman’s JR Ewing gave the entire city of DALLAS reason to wanna shoot him have we had so hiss-worthy a bad boy as GOSSIP GIRL’s Chuck Bass, played to slimy perfection by Ed Westwick.

Most unfortunately-accurate title: Wonder if perhaps PUSHING UP DAISIES would have lived longer if it had been given a different name?

Sexiest geek: Sara Rue melted our hard drive as THE BIG BANG THEORY’s Dr. Stephanie Barnett.

Least believable geek: Call us crazy, but we have a feeling that Zachary Levi being named one of People Magazine’s sexiest men alive kinda hurts Chuck Bartowski’s geek cred. Then again, it gives millions of techno heads out there someone to look up to.

Best move: In making the move to New York City, UGLY BETTY remembered to pack the funny… and wisely left Henry behind.

Worst move: Sorry, but the Mills family should have just stayed in Wichita – and the CW shouldn’t have messed with a classic – ‘cause the new version of 90210 has been a major disappointment on pretty much every level. Which doesn’t bode very well for their upcoming take on MELROSE PLACE!

The “truth in advertising” award goes to…: DOUBLE SHOT OF LOVE. This bisexual trashfest features tawdry twins Vikki and Rikki, who bill themselves as… wait for it… wait for it… the Ikki twins. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Best Paula moment: Everybody’s favorite AMERICAN IDOL train wreck critiques a performance contestant Jason Castro hasn’t yet given.

Spinoff we’re dying for: CBS needs to give Alex Kapp Homer and Tricia O’Kelley – aka “the mean mommies” from THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE – a show ASAP. I mean, it ain’t everyone who can steal scenes right out from under Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Best import: The addition of JOURNEYMAN’s Kevin McKidd to the cast of GREY’S ANATOMY has almost made us forget all the backstage BS distracting us from the on-screen antics of the Seattle Grace docs. We said almost.

Favorite “throw-away” moment: As the closing credits roll on each episode of KATH & KIM, the lead characters share a little tabloid time. It’s the perfect ending to a majorly under appreciated show.

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  • georgina

    REALLY?? Today’s mistake was even bigger than calling Dorota, “Doretta.”

    Pushing Daisies. No “up.”

  • Linda B.

    I saw the UP in Pushing Daisies and thought it was a play on words, not a mistake.

    I so agree w/ you on the Best Import being Kevin McKidd on GA. I’m excited about GA again because i love the interaction w/ him and Christina. Even the shortest of scenes are sweet. “I think you’re beautiful.” Awww. TVa – I still don’t understand how that didn’t make your quotes of the week!

  • Chuck has turned out to be one of my favorite shows. Or at least half of it has. I enjoy the spy stuff and all of Chuck’s interactions with Sarah, Casey, and his sister Ellie. But, elevating the Buy More antics to a virtual show-within-a-show is not to my liking. I’m so glad we’ve gotten to know some of Sarah’s backstory this season. The show has a lot of potential for future storylines such as the eventual resurfacing of Chuck & Ellie’s dad (I wonder if he’s a spy too) and the likelihood that Chuck can’t keep his secret spy life secret from Ellie forever.

    I agree that Ugly Betty started off the season on a high note when she dumped Henry and moved out to get her own place. While I ultimately dumped the show a few episodes in, Betty being single & independent for a change was the only reason I held on as long as I did.

    I haven’t kept track of Grey’s Anatomy all season (thankfully & intentionally), but Kevin McKidd playing a nice guy who’s trying to win over Christina? Something doesn’t sound good about that. I’m glad he’s playing a nice guy, but should a nice guy really be attracted to her?

  • Linda B.

    I think there’s more to Kevin McKidd’s character than just being a nice guy. He didn’t start out that way. In his first episode he was cocky and very forward. It wasn’t til his character returned from the war that he changed. He’s suffering from PTSD and he is uncertain and unsure of his feelings and actions. They’re taking the relationship between he and Christina slowly, maybe this is why you see him as just a nice guy.

  • Nick.C

    Good Call on Sara Rue…She’s HOT!!!

  • tim w. in tx

    Agree about “90210” the new version is so pale an imitation. Here’s hoping the writers get it right the 2nd half of the season. I too wonder how the CW will butcher “melrose.’ Agree about the paula moment. Still makes me laugh. Agree about Levi. He’s cute and sexy. -) lol Love Kevn McKidd ever since “rome.’ He’s the best thing about Grey’s right now.

  • Deepa

    I just LOVE CHUCK (the character on Gossip Girl)…there is NO HATE involved 🙂

    He was my favourite character from the first episode ever…even when he was ACTUALLY slimy…

    Ed WEstwick and Leighton Meester are the best actors on that show by a long shot and I LOVE GOSSIP GIRL!!!