Our 2008 TV Year in Review (Part III)

tv year in review

Most discussed interview: For a few minutes there, Katie Couric became relevant again thanks to her endlessly mocked interview with would-be vice president Sarah Palin.

Best way to keep actor’s egos in line: Next time an actor says, “I wanna write an episode!” they should be forced to read the nasty message board comments inspired by Chad Michael Murray’s dreadful attempt at scripting a ONE TREE HILL episode.

Most compelling storyline, daytime: Fans were disgusted when ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s Marty — suffering amnesia — slept with her rapist, Todd. But the repercussions of the story created the kind of psychologically complex, buzz-worthy tale that most shows wouldn’t even attempt, let alone manage to pull off successfully.

Worst trend, daytime: Grief sex. GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Sonny and Carly screwed in the back seat of his limo moments after putting their comatose son into permanent care; ALL MY CHILDREN’s Kendall slept with Aidan moments after they decided their supposedly significant others were dead; and AMC’s Krystal mourned her daughter by cheating on her husband with the dead girl’s father. Could someone tell the folks at ABC that grief isn’t an aphrodisiac?
Best revamp: DIRTY SEXY MONEY got it right during its second season. Unfortunately, nobody was around to see the show finally become primetime’s guiltiest pleasure.
Biggest flop: Any chance the variety show format had of making a comeback was massacred by ROSIE LIVE!

Best resurgence of a soap: A year ago, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS was a hard-to-watch mess. Unlike most sudsers, it listened to fan outcry and quickly righted itself to once again become daytime’s most reliable show.

Most guilty of Emmy-baiting: Note to LAW & ORDER: SVU: We all know Mariska Hargitay is a good actress. Now that we’ve conceded the point, can the show stop turning every episode into her Emmy reel?
Best Jawdropper: Holy Frak! The Chief is a cylon? And Saul, too? BATTLESTAR GALACTICA turned the universe upside down with a shocking reveal three seasons in the making. Now, who’s that last pesky cylon?
Lamest excuse: AMERICAN IDOL’s producers announced that due to the faltering economy, their annual charityfest, IDOL GIVES BACK, was being cancelled… just when the country needed it most.

Neighbors we’ll miss most: Dang it, we never got invited to one of Trina and Tom’s infamous pool parties before SWINGTOWN got the axe!

Best newcomer, comedy: Virtual newbie Kurt Bornheimer steals the show as fate’s bitch, Sam, on WORST WEEK.

Best unintentional newcomer, comedy: The so-called ‘acting’ on KNIGHT RIDER.
Most catastrophic no-show: Now we’re not saying that John McCain’s decision to blow-off David Letterman cost him the election, but having the late-night comedian bash him for days on end sure didn’t help.

Break-up we took the hardest: THE OFFICE’s Michael Scott wasn’t the only one weeping when his lady love Holly — the adorably goofy Amy Ryan — was sent packing.

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  • I’m all about boycotting IDOL (not that I watch it now). Seriously, between the economy and Madoff, charities are suffering the most and they can’t use their lame show to help out? So cheap.

  • tim w. in tx

    I agree about ‘daytime.’ Grief sex is so over played. Marty sleeping w/ Todd was so wrong, yet it has made quite a tale. Don’t people change? As for “young and restless”, they needed to get rid of a former head writer and put those old faves back in the center of it all. Need I say ‘reliquinary?.” heck, I didn’t even spell it right probably. lol And we all know “knight rider’ was nothing more than a big Ford infocommercial. Next thing u know they’ll bring ‘baywatch’ back and instead of the beach, they’ll all be inside with a fake tree and 2 ft. pool. lol

  • SimplyKimberly

    My final bet is that an Adama (Zak, Lee or Bill) or Roslin is the final Cylon. Anyone less will be a disappointment. I mean, Saul Tigh is a frakking Cylon. Who is bigger than Tigh? Starbuck or Baltar would measure up but they seem to have other destinies. I know that the final Cylon is supposed to not be at the table in the Last Supper pic, but technically Bill and Laura are not sitting at the table.

  • jess

    Have you always been a soap fan I’ve noticed some tidbits lately, really enjoying them. Totally agree with you about the grief sex thing, i don’t get it. Really loving DOOL are you an Ejami or an Ejole? And can’t wait for GH to get its act together lately all there couples have been boring… Hopefully Jasam will get back together and Sonny/Claudia will never happen.