Our Top 10 TV “Davids” of 2008

If Tina Fey taught us anything this year, well, aside from the fact that “Bitch is the new Black,” it’s this… Between her Emmy award winning day job on 30 ROCK, her weekend gig putting the final nail in Sarah Palin’s political career on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and her brief foray into silver screen stardom with BABY MAMA, America’s newest sweetheart proved once again that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing.

Advice we at theTVaddict.com are taking to heart as we spend our final days of 2008 creating an endless barrage of “Top 10’s”. Because as much as you don’t want to admit it, everybody loves a list!

1. David Zayas (Angel Batista on DEXTER)
2. David Shore (Creator of HOUSE)
3. David Cook (AMERICAN IDOL Winner)
4. David E. Kelley (Creator of BOSTON LEGAL)
5. David Eick (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Producer)
6. David Sutcliffe (Addison’s Ex on PRIVATE PRACTICE)
7. David Duchovny (CALIFORNICATION)
8. David Archuleta (IDOL contestant)
9. David Blue (Cliff St. Paul on UGLY BETTY)

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  • You are missing one of my favourite Davids – Boreanaz! Love him on Bones!

    I think you need a “Top 10 Michaels” list next … here are 5 to get you started 😀

    1) Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
    2) Michael Emerson (Ben Linus, Lost)
    3) Michael Hogan (Col Tigh, BSG)
    4) Michael Trucco (Anders, BSG)
    5) Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor, Smallville – although he’s not on the new season)

  • TB

    I agree with The Televixen. Where’s David Boreanaz on your list?

  • OMG! I knew I forgot something! My apologies to BONES fans for forgetting Boreanaz. Rest assured when I do my “Top 10 TV Stars with the last name that start with B” he’ll be first on the list!

  • TVFan

    David Caruso!

  • What? No David Hewlett? David rocked (as always) in Stargate Atlantis.

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  • These are the Daves I know I know … these are the Daves I know!!!

    A little Kids in the Hall for ya!!!

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