Gargantuan Jaw Dropping Fifth Season LOST Spoilers…

… will not be revealed here. As this TV Addict has pledged to remain 100% spoiler free until LOST premieres in all of its high definition glory on January 21st. That said, if you’re the type who simply can’t wait to discover for whom destiny calls, click here, here, here and/or here for some early first looks.

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  • Sarah

    You briefly got me really excited because I saw Jin was front and center in the photo you used, which I thought was a season 5 image. So I was like WHAT COULD HE REALLY BE ALIVE?! Then I took 2 seconds to notice that Michael and Charlie were also featured and felt like an idiot.

    Thanks for keeping the site spoiler free, though. I’m doing my best to stay away from all the sneak peeks between now and the 21st but it’s getting AWFULLY hard.

  • Naf

    Why won’t this get leaked online already!!