Our Top 10 Bromances of 2008

1. McDreamy & McSteamy (GREY’S ANATOMY)
2. JD & Turk (SCRUBS)
3. Bart & Milhouse (THE SIMPSONS)
4. Stewie & Brian (FAMILY GUY)
5. Barney & Ted (HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER)
6. Sheldon & Leonard (THE BIG BANG THEORY)
7. Denny & Alan (BOSTON LEGAL)
8. House & Wilson (HOUSE)
9. Chuck & Morgan (CHUCK)
10. Sam & Dean (SUPERNATURAL)

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  • Denny and Alan are hysterical, JD and Turk are great but I worry a little there, and Sheldon has to be the funniest character on TV! Super list. Love it.

  • CR

    My list is pretty much the exact same as yours, except completely reversed in order.

  • Jordan

    Oh, oh yes Chuck and Morgan.

  • eva

    Hank Moody and Lew Ashby!!!!!

  • Dude, you forgot Mick & Josef from ‘Moonlight’!

  • Linda B.

    What about Dexter and Miguel? (til that second to last episode anyway 😉

  • Linda B.
    Great suggestion. I honestly did think about it. Probably because it didn’t end so well!

  • stoutrs

    What about Cesar Milan and Daddy?!?

  • julie

    This list SUCKS.