Our Top 10 Biggest TV Letdowns of 2008

1. NBC President Ben Silverman: Call us crazy, but we expected more from the man who brought UGLY BETTY and THE OFFICE to America.

2. HEROES: Somebody please be sure to let us know when Bryan Fuller’s first episode premieres.

3. 90210: You know you’re in trouble when the show pulls out the long-lost-crazy brother card a mere half way through the first season.

4. Jay Leno’s New Deal: Will either effectively put the final nail in NBC’s coffin, or completely change the landscape of primetime television forever. Either way, fans of quality scripted fare are pretty much screwed

5. Shonda Rhimes: Between “Ghost Denny,” the never-ending behind-the-scenes controversies (see: Hahn-Gate, T.R. Knight) and the disappointment that is Kate Walsh’s PRIVATE PRACTICE, we have a feeling that no showrunner (or audience for that matter) is as thankful for a fresh start as Shonda Rhimes

6. TRUE BLOOD: Only further validates our belief that Showtime is the new HBO.

7. ELI STONE’s cancellation: And rest assured ABC, we’re not the only ones who are disappointed

8. Mark Paul Gosselaar’s hair on RAISING THE BAR: Mr. Belding called, he wants his wig back from that very special “Big Bopper Belding” episode.

9. FOX’s total lack of support for BACK TO YOU: Kelsey Grammer deserved better

10. Mary McDonnell on GREY’S ANATOMY: So did Mary McDonnell in her first post-BATTLESTAR GALACTICA gig.

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  • Naf

    So is True Blood not good? I’ve heard some great things.

  • Dominique

    While True Blood is not as amazing as Six Feet Under, I think it is really good and much better than the crap we have on TV now. I would not list True Blood as a letdown of 2008 but I agree with you on the new 90210, Shonda and her horrible Grey’s Anatomy (I do enjoy Private Practice though), Heroes, Eli Stone’s cancellation, etc. For me, Fringe ended up being a letdown for 2008. I still watch but I could let it go easily and it is not as good as I first thought.

  • TRUE BLOOD is very watchable. It takes getting used to. It has some angry AWWW COME ON!!! moments but otherwise it’s pretty damn cool. It’s was 50 times better to watch than the 3rd season of Dexter which should have been on this list. Dexter Season 3 was a fraking TRAINWRECK.

  • The problem with Ben Silverman is that while he does belong in the TV industry, he has the completely wrong job. He’s a producer, not a programmer, and NBC has seriously confused the two.

    We miss you Kevin Reilly!

  • Lindlee

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for saying something about Mark Paul Gosselaar’s hair! I haven’t watched Raising the Bar but I’ve seen the preview for it more times than I can count. Every single time, all I could think was “Do something with your hair!”

  • slow17motion

    True Blood is fantastic

  • DB

    seriously? True Blood is in your biggest tv letdown list? omg. this is such a travesty that I doubt you should be running a tvaddict blog. I love Showtime shows, but True Blood is HBO’s comeback show! I didn’t expect to fall for the show (dislike vampires) but whoa, it is enormously addicting. judging from the fact that the rating of this show is building week-to-week even exceeding what the sopranos and SatC did during their freshmen years, I’d say most people are loving it too. definitely one of the, if not, the best new show of 2008.

  • blueberry

    I dropped True Blood after the first episode.

    I should have stayed on just to see Lizzie Caplan nekked. Yum.

  • tezuka

    although True blood is not as good as HBO’s previous shows (when it’s in its prime). i won’t consider it a letdown. I for one did not have high expectation when I first began , but after 2~3 eps, it really captivated my interest.

  • bws

    Agree with most of the other commenters… True Blood breathed some life into HBO. I really enjoyed this one week in and week out. And I think it got the highest ratings for HBO in a long time.