Win GREEK: Chapter Two on DVD

If winning more free stuff just so happened to be at the top of your New Year’s Resolution Checklist (after of course being sure to visit a minimum of twice daily!), consider this your lucky day.

In celebration of GREEK: Chapter Two hitting shelves (and Amazon) this week, we’re giving away one copy of the DVD to one lucky reader.

To enter to win one of this TV Addict’s favorite shows of 2008, simply let us know in the comments below who your favorite student at Cyprus-Rhodes University is. And be sure to check your email box on January 7, 2009 to find out if you won.

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  • Alyssa

    Cappie! He’s been one of my TV boyfriends since episode 1. I’m a sucker for sarcasm.

  • Erin

    We all know Cappie’s everyone’s favorite. I’m going to go with my second favorite: Beaver. I love the big galut.

  • Jefferson

    Cappie. C’mon…

  • Dominique

    Cappie for sure.

  • CASEY all the way….she reminds me a lot of myself when I was in a sorority in college….well I was a mixture of her and the good parts of Frannie!

  • luke

    Would say Dale because he was number 1 on one of your 10 lists, but that would be a lie. My favorite is Casey. She my not be all that exciting or funny, but she is a normal girl which is pretty rare on TV.

  • Emailne

    While cappie has my heart, I also would not kick Beaver out of bed 🙂

  • Beth

    Cappie! He’s been my favorite from day one and just keeps getting better.

  • Jeremy Collins

    I would have to say Ashley. She is a lot stronger than people realize. She is also an amazing friend.

  • showtime


  • Sarah

    Although Cappie is clearly my first favorite, I’d have to say Rusty is my second. I’ve really enjoyed watching his transition into the college lifestyle, and anyone who can pull off a nickname like Spitter is golden in my book.

  • Arestia

    clearly Dale, although i probably wouldn’t want to be his roommate, but I would admire his cardigans from a far… plus Clark Duke is hilarity.

  • Jordan

    I love Max. I thought I’d only like Cappie for Casey, but Max is so awkwardly charming and understanding and forgives Casey for her mistakes, so I just adore him.Casey in turn recognizes Max’s excellent boyfriend qualities, and I think with time they’ll become a very strong couple.

  • Ben

    Rebecca. Not just because Vadsaria is a girly-babe,but because I had a dream where she was my girlfriend. And I don’t think that was just because of the girly-babe thing, either.

  • S.K.

    Cappie of course!!

  • Anna

    I’m going to have to say Cappie. Original, I know. I was a fan of him from the start though.

  • theo

    Frannie, total bitch.
    I am behind on this show too.

  • Kat

    Cassie, def my favorite!

  • GabbyD

    Dale, he’s funny!

  • Kaitlin

    I should say Cappie, because I truly love the character and he was my favorite from the start. But I can’t deny that every time Beaver is on screen, I laugh hysterically. He has the best lines and I hope they give him a storyline in the upcoming season. So, I’m actually going to go with Beaver on this one.

  • Chelsea

    Beaver!! He’s definitely deserving of more screen time.

  • Jenn

    Cappie is one of my favourite characters on this show but I have to say I enjoy Dale the best!

  • Kristen

    Beaver! He has the funniest lines of the show! But Dale is a close second!

  • Charli

    Cappie! He is hilarious! And very hot! Doesn’t get better than that! He definitely needs to get back together with Casey.

  • Amanda

    Cappie is such an interesting character with so many layers. On the surface, he seems like a frat boy who has no cares and only wants to party. However, he sometimes revels how smart he actually is and how he would do anything for his friends (especially Casey). He’s also got that Pacey Witter thing going on, which I can’t resist. Finally, I can’t wait to find out his real name!!

  • Carlos


  • Rory Hurren

    Cappie but Dale comes a close second.

  • Marc

    I usually go for the pretty girl…so that would be Casey Cartwright. (I know it’s shallow, but it’s esthetically shallow.)

  • Alex


  • Lyss1


  • shanna

    I have to go with REBECCA. I’m sorry but what would the show be without her? And I think she’s sweet and I like that she’s a wildcard.

  • its a three way tie. Cappie, beaver and dale are pure comic gold on that show.

    Hey, any clue when either CTV or Much are going show us the second half of season 1 let alone season 2?

  • Crystal

    Ashley all the way!! She is sweet…way funny….alittle ditsy….and a great friend what more can you ask for.

  • MD

    Beaver – he is hilarious to watch!

  • Emily N.

    I’ve got to go with Cappie!

  • Sofi F.

    Spitter! I mean..Rusty!

  • kaito

    Another vote for Ashleigh. She’s my favorite eyecandy and also one of the best supporting actresses in 2008.

  • Amy

    Cappie obvy
    Rebecca is second tho

  • Laura

    While Cappie definitely has my heart, I would say my favorite character is Ashleigh. For one, she is a fierce best friend, something everyone needs in their corner. Two, her fashion sense, I want to raid her closet…and her collection of Cosmopolitans. And finally three, she gives amazing advice, which is always followed, because unlike many sidekicks, she knows the right thing to say. She is without a doubt the powerhouse behind Casey and is greatly underestimated. I look forward to seeing her as President in the upcoming season as well as breaking out from behind Casey’s vast shadow.

  • Megan

    I would say an even tie between Cappie (the sense of humor always wins and hit blue eyes don’t hurt either), Beaver (innocent stupidity is so cute), and Rusty cause we all want him to fall in love.

  • Toni82

    Are there 12 episodes at the Chapter Two or 10? I don’t know. Please somebody help me:)

    Toni from Hungary

  • Paolo

    My favorite character/student is Cappy.

  • Siobhan

    Dean Bowman…hello Ferris Buller’s day off? I think it’s hilarious that they suggest Dean Bowman had a past that involved goofing off (especially being that Alan Ruck was the ultimate sidekick in everyone’s favourite goof off movie.

    What can I say, I’m a fan of subtext (hello the mention of Edward James Olmos in the first episode of Dollhouse anyone?). Gold.

  • Caryn

    Dale always steals the scene when he’s on!

  • Cappie.