Download Your Printable 2009 January TV Schedule

The good news is that with January’s slew of premieres just around the corner, it has never been a more exciting time to be a TV Addict. The bad news; thanks to shows like SCRUBS jumping networks, BONES getting what seems like its fourth timeslot change in as many years and of course, the highly anticipated returns of such TV Addict favorites such as LOST, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, BIG LOVE, DAMAGES, NIP/TUCK and 24, it has also never been a more confusing time to be a TV Addict.

Which is why in 2009, will be starting off each and every month with an easy to read, printable calendar, featuring all of the month’s can’t miss events. Think of it as your TV Guide for dummies. Or to avoid any potential copyright infringement lawsuits, your TV Grid for dummies! Simply click here to download, print and enjoy.

[Update!] As per reader requests, click here to check out a JPG version of the 2009 January TV Schedule

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  • Theo

    I just got a HD/PVR will Damages be airing on any channles in Canada, I think Showcase HD but im sure???
    I still have about 4 episodes left in the 1st season.
    Thanks for the Calender.

  • Thanks for the calendar. One note: the TV addict should also watch Burn Notice :p (plenty of time to catch up with the previous episoded until the Jan premiere).

  • Lee

    You’re still not watching The Mentalist? I’m aware you watched 1 episode and were not a fan but you really need to see the pilot before you can properly assess the show. The pilot episode explains so much and explains why Patrick is so tortured. I’m disappointed in you “tv addict”.

  • Alyssa

    The Office isn’t new on the 8th. It’s a repeat of “The Surplus”.

  • Alyssa,
    Thanks for the correction, the calendar has been updated!

    I completely understand that seeing why Patrick is so tortured adds an element to the show. But it still doesn’t negate the fact that every episode following is fairly repetitious

    There’s only so many hours in the day and sadly BURN NOTICE has been relegated to catch up on DVD when I’ve got time.

  • Erika

    I agree with the others. Burn Notice is great! You gotta watch it. And Patick Jane is very enjoyable in the Mentalist.

  • jessica

    I hate that they put all these great shows on one day. I mean Thursdays were jammed pack enough, now i gotta balance Bones, Ugly Betty, Smallville, Greys Anatomy, Supernatural, And that new show Kings sounds good too. OMG thank the gods i got two DVR’s

  • Theo,

    Congrats on your HDPVR purchase. It’s the best decision you’ve ever made!

    To answer your question, DAMAGES second season will premiere on Showcase in Canada on January 18 at 10PM. Why Showcase couldn’t move the premiere up to coincide with the FX premiere in the US we’ll never know (especially since Showcase execs refuse to comment). But hey, at least it’s not premiering six months later like season one did.

  • AHA

    Thank you!
    For some reason TV Guide has Bones starting on the 29th, but the Fox site says the 15th as well, so I’m trusting your calendar 🙂

  • Kelly

    I don’t think Grey’s & Private Practice can both be shown at 9pm. Isn’t Priv Prac at 10pm starting on the 8th?

  • showtime

    I just wanted to thank you for making this calender. I’ve been making ones myself for a while, and all my friends thought I was pathetic and weird for doing so. 😛

  • tivonut

    Wow, this calendar makes my life so much easier, my wife is such a TV nut I have 5 tivo’s (3 with ext hard drives!)…my wife has me record EVERYTHING (seems like), then watches some series during the off season. With this calendar it is easy for me to figure which shows go on which tivos.

  • Jad

    I thought The Office was premiering the 15th?

  • Jordan

    LOST is at 8, not at 9 🙂 Just checked

  • Jordan,

    The first hour is a recap/clip show.

  • sabresse

    Showcase Canada aired Damages on Sunday January 18th at 10pm, and not the United States of Tara – when is that show scheduled in Canada?

    As for Bones – did it already air on January 15th, or does it start on the 29th?

  • Sabresse,

    UNITED STATES OF TARA premieres Monday January 19 at 10PM on TMN in Canada and BONES was pushed back due to Bush’s farewell speech. It returns this Thursday the 22nd on FOX and Global at 8PM.

  • sabresse

    Good, so I didn’t miss either! thanks.
    (I got confused between Showtime & Showcase…)

    Do you have any idea when is Dexter returning?