DVD Review: KYLE XY (Season 2)

By: Allan Tong

KYLE XY takes teen alienation to a whole new level. Most teens don’t feel like they belong to their peers, family and sometimes the human race. That’s never been truer as in the case of Kyle XY (Matt Dallas) who in season one of this ABC Family series woke up nude in a forest near Seattle with no memory of how he got there. In fact, Kyle woke with no memories at all and no connection to any family, place or time. Yet Kyle he possesses superhuman strength and a powerful brain that can do complex calculus like most of us add one plus one. Kyle’s purpose is to find out who he is.

In season two (a full 23 episodes compared to the opening season’s 10), Kyle’s continues to study under Adam Baylin (J. Eddie Peck) who teaches Kyle about his otherworldly powers, like mental telepathy, and provides further clues about his origins. The crucial one being that Adam wasn’t born, but created in a lab.

However, Kyle keeps his studies with Baylin secret from the Tragers, his adopted family. This strains Kyle’s relationship with parents Nicole and Stephen (Marguerite MacIntyre & Bruce Thomas) who continue to prefer Kyle to their own teenage children, Lori and Josh. Meanwhile, Kyle further develops his attraction to neighbour girl Amanda (Kirsten Prout).

In season two, a major storyline emerges when an “XX” female like Kyle (played by Jaimie Alexander) is “hatched” and wakes up naked in a forest as a wild savage. She roams the Seattle area until the company that created her, Madacorp, hunts her down and reprograms her into Jessi. Jessi becomes Kyle’s foil: vicious and ready to kill. And her target is Kyle.

With its brooding pacing, paranoid atmosphere and setting in the American northwest (filmed in B.C.), KYLE XY sometimes feels like the son of X-Files. It’s really a whitebread soap opera about teens searching for their identity. However, the show avoids slipping into cheesiness due to its strong writing and smart casting starting with lead, Matt Dallas, who plays Kyle as strange, yet always sympathetic. We want to learn who Kyle is.

The DVD package rewards fans of the show. It packs eight incisive audio commentaries by the producers, writers, directors and stars across six discs. Further commentaries are found on all the many outtakes, including the alternate ending to the season finale. Two of the three featurettes are worth viewing. The Science of XY reveals the influence of Einstein, the genius who gestated longer than usual and inspired the show’s premise: what if someone gestated for 16 years? Living with the Xs is a fun day-in-the-life of stars Dallas and Alexander, from dawn to dusk as they arrive early on set, work out in a gym, record voice-over in a studio, and do promo events like a block party. The other featurette, Facing the Future, is a fluffy cookie-cutter promo where the stars and creators hype the current season.

Overall, this is a worthy package for KYLE XY fans and serves to promote season three which premieres on January 12.

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  • Thank you for this article on Kyle XY Season 2.
    The DVDs ROCK! They’re totally worth the investment!

    Happy New Year!
    Kyle XY Season 3 is going to blow. your. mind!


  • Great article on my favorite show! The Season 2 DVD is well worth the price. This is a great show with an even greater cast and crew. I can’t wait for the start of Season 3 !

  • Rhys

    OMgoodness, can’t wait till season 3, been hooked ever since the premier of episode 1!!!!! of season 1!!!1


    buy the dvd, its worth it xD

  • ILJR

    Thanks for posting about Kyle XY! The season two DVD is excellent and I can’t wait for season 3!

  • Great review! Thank you! One typo: you said “Adam wasn’t born, but created in a lab”, and I think you meant Kyle…

  • Thank you for the article on the Kyle XY Season 2 DVDs. This is a wonderful show that appeals to fans of all ages, not just to teenagers. It’s a show that we care for very, very much. We have waited a long time for Season 3 and it’s almost here! I am still working my way through the DVDs and commentaries – so far it’s terrific.

  • DanXY

    The Season 2 DVD is awesome! I’m currently having a Kyle XY Season 2 marathon as I type this. Can’t wait for Season 3!

  • SandyP

    This was a well written article. Thank you. I’ve enjoyed the show KyleXY since th beginning and have been looking forward to season 3 for a long time now. I am not a teenager but a young adult who enjoys the show for various reasons, the stars (especially Matt Dallas) is just one of them. This program features individuality, honesty, loyalty, communication and family values. There is something for everyone.Personally, I encourage alll to watch  the season 1 and 2 DVDs, they are well worth the time invested.

  • Snappy

    Thanks for reviewing the Kyle XY Season 2 DVD. I don’t have it yet but I’m planning on getting it this week and this article makes me want to get it even more. When I get the dvd I’m going to have a Kyle XY marathon to tide me over before Season 3 starts. Season 3 is only 8 days away! YAY!

  • LilMonkey

    Thanks for the brilliant review. Have loved seasons 1 and 2. I cannot wait till season 3 kicks off!

  • Collette Palmer

    i’m from the Uk, Were can i get season2 from please can someone tell me. iv looked everywere!!!???

  • Jessica

    Great article!

    Totally agree with your comment on season 2 DVD to be a worthy package. So many GREAT episodes and they are all so interesting in their own way, you feel as if you know & live with this family.

    Amazing actors & an even more amazing SCRIPT!

  • jpoeling

    Thank you for writing a review for this amazing show. Help save the show from cancelation and move the tub.

  • danielaxx

    a tragedy that such an amazing show could be canceled!
    great dvds, great review!



  • Sam

    you know what
    I think Kyle XY is not going to be cancelled.
    without anyone knowing they will create more episodes.
    in Prison Break Season 4 they stopped making more episodes at Episode 16 because not many people were watching PB so they started cancelling PB then later they started making 8 more plus a 2 Hour movie. That time it was not announced and it was like a surprise to everyone.
    Im thinking that they are going to make a few more episodes then make a 2 Hour movie as well. Long Live Kyle XY…..
    this was the same for 24