Welcome to 2009. Post Your TV Resolutions

Before New Years Day comes to a close, this TV Addict thought we’d take the opportunity to post a few New Year’s Resolutions of our own. Because nothing says ‘commitment to keeping them this year’ like posting them online for everyone to see.

1. Stop buying TV shows on DVD: Or, at the very least, disable “Amazon One Click” until we find the time to get through our most recent purchase (SIX FEET UNDER: The Complete Season)

2. Eat Healthier: Because a comfy couch, a big screen TV and Dominos/Popeyes/Swiss Chalet on speed dial are a very dangerous combination (But oh so good…)

3. Improve our DVR/PVR management skills: Or else risk ending up with only half an episode of LOST, DAMAGES, NIP/TUCK, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, LIE TO ME, 24 and/or BIG LOVE.


5. Smarten up in the areas of: Writing, Grammer Grammar and Spelling.

Your turn…

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  • Naf

    I’m going to watch at least Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica! But this was also my resolution last year, so I wouldn”t bet on it. Too much good television on at the moment.

  • Dominos/Popeyes/Swiss Chalet THE 3 MOST HORRIBLE Fast Food chains I can think of. Dude, isn’t there something local?

    I don’t make resolutions. That way I don’t break’em.

  • DAVE ID,

    Please don’t judge! But I have a serious weakness for

    1. Swiss Chalet Fries and the magic that is chalet sauce
    2. Dominos by my house has a walk in special for 5 bucks!
    3. Popeyes have the best spicy chicken strips in the world.

    Sad but true!

  • Josh Emerson

    I’m with ya on the first two! I like buying my favorite shows on DVD, then I don’t watch them much (with a few exceptions). And then I see the sets on sale for $15 a few weeks later and it’s even worse. lol

    Eating healthier is self explanatory. Though I actually don’t eat too much when watching TV.

  • Patty

    My first resolution is to watch BSG. But not buy it on DVD.

    And exercise more just like I said last year but didn’t do.

  • I try to center my TV watching around meals, so that I don’t get hungry in the middle of a show. Eating + TV = heart disease, the top killer amongst TV addicts.

    My resolution: to spend entire month restricting my TV viewing to anything other than a TV set. I really want to know how much money I would save if I just watch everything online and the DVD screeners I get in the mail.

  • Amelia

    all of your future tv shows to watch on DVD are amazing. i can’t believe that you haven’t seen them yet. definitely worth it!!!

    my tv goals are: angel, firefly, friday night lights, and arrested development

  • Theo

    You really do need to watch Buffy, you have been saying it for the longest time..

    I still have to watch the 2nd season FNL.

  • allie

    My resolution is to get a life outside of TV. I watch way too much tv. However, at least now I have a treadmill at home so I can watch it while exercising so I feel a little less of a couch potato!

  • Theo

    OhYeah, More Podcast too. Please!!
    And if we have to send in more questions we will!!!!