Good News, Bad News: NBC, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, Rosie & More!

Good News: NY Times reporter Mike Hale claims that NBC Universal is the number one purveyor of webisodes among the major networks. Bad News: So in conclusion, NBC does a really fine job of creating five minute shows for the web. But full-length comedies and dramas, umm… not so much. [Source]

Good News: Alan Sepinwall calls BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s final season opener both “Brilliant and Devastating” Bad News: Not only is it BSG’s final FINAL SEASON OPENER, we’re still waiting for our advanced copy *cough*couch*hint*cough! [Source]

Good News: Viacom and Time Warner Cable have reached an eleventh hour deal ensuring viewers won’t lose access to the likes of Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon. Bad News: Brody Jenner’s BROMANCE lives! [Source]

Good News: Rosie quits her blog. Bad News: Now where will we look to feel good about our spelling and grammar? [Source]

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  • You haven’t gotten your Battlestar screener either? I beginning to get worried.

  • NikkiHolly

    Now where will you look to feel good about your spelling and grammar? Courtney Love’s blog. 😉

  • Naf

    Why the NBC bashing? Just because nobodies watch NBC’s shows doesn’t mean they aren’t excellent. Chuck! The Office! 30 Rock! Friday Night Lights! Life! How much more do you need?

  • Josh Emerson

    I was just going to say that Naf! NBC airs 3 of my 5 favorite shows.

  • Naf and Josh,

    If it may please the court, I’d like to present NBC’s schedule next week as Exhibit ‘A”
    (I’ve put a ‘*’ beside my three shows)

    8:00 PM Superstars Of Dance
    10:00 PM Momma’s Boys

    8:00 PM The Biggest Loser 7
    10:00 PM LAW & ORDER: SVU

    8:00 PM Knight Rider
    9:00 PM LAW & ORDER: SVU
    10:00 PM Law & Order

    8:00 PM My Name Is Earl
    8:30 PM Kath & Kim
    9:00 PM The Office *
    9:31 PM 30 Rock *
    10:01 PM ER

    8:00 PM Howie Do It
    9:00 PM Lipstick Jungle *
    10:00 PM Dateline

  • Josh Emerson

    You have a point, mainly since Chuck and Heroes are off for the month.