Top 10 Bad Ideas CT Just Know Execs Are Considering!

twilight the tv series

Bella and Edward and Jacob… oh my. How can network suits resist the allure of eternally young teenagers… especially now that the ONE TREE HILL gang has been forcibly ejected from high school and into the “real” world.

This GREY’S ANATOMY spin-off features the wacky adventures of Denny as he tries to help lost souls with the help of several hot, heavenly interns. Think of it as TOUCHED BY A HUNKY ANGEL.

Fuzz and furry creatures from around the globe compete for a guest-gig on SESAME STREET. Your host? Trash-talkin’ Oscar the Grouch.

You want a real challenge? Try emerging from the American Girl store on 5th Avenue with everything on a little girl’s wish list… two days before Christmas!

A sexy new series featuring former Playboy Bunnies who become high school teachers and bring history to life by dressing up as famous women in history. But not the ugly chicks like Janet Reno, just hot ones like those Boleyn babes.

Marc Cherry’s DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES prequel in which we meet the women of Wisteria Lane back when they were teens. Susan’s still a klutz, Edie’s the class ho, Bree a home-ec whiz and Lynette’s that judgemental bitch who always volunteers to be hall monitor.

Fox finally gives the people what they want with this weekly series in which loose ends left hanging thanks to the premature cancellation of shows such as DRIVE and REUNION are neatly tied up via two-hour movies.

No cute claymation beheadings here, this is the real deal as feuding stars take their grudges into a modern-day Thunderdome. First up? MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann vs. FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly!

Finally, the RAYMOND spin-off CBS has been dying for! In this sitcom, Joe The Plumber takes one last stab at stretching out his 15-minutes of fame by doing anything and everything that will keep his face in front of a camera. In the pilot, Joe tries to recapture the attention of the nation he feels is losing interest in him by faking his own kidnapping. John McCain guests as Joe’s grouchy old neighbor.

Desperate to regain viewers, NBC goes for broke by airing full-on triple-X features once a week. They’re fined out the wazoo by the FCC, but still manage to make a fortune thanks to weekly ratings not seen since the heyday of DALLAS.

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  • Heather

    How sad am I that I would actually watch America’s Next Top Muppet — because it would likely be funny on purpose!

  • Naf

    TWILIGHT: THE SERIES would be huge. The CW should jump on that right away. Twilight is just One Tree Hill with hangs anyway. Pair it with Supernatural after Smallville ends and you’ve got yourself a supernatural night that will please the networks target audience during the first house, and the rest of us the next.

  • Naf,
    I thought TWILIGHT: THE SERIES was called MOONLIGHT 🙂

  • America’s Next Top Muppet!?! Brilliant!!! Seriously, I really would watch that. But, I think the prize should be for more than a guest shot on Sesame Street. It should be for a full cast member role on SS or in the next big screen Muppet movie (if they’ll ever do another one).

  • Oh, that reminds me… I went another Christmas forgetting to watch Muppet Christmas Carol. How could I do that again? Best Christmas movie ever. I may have to watch it this weekend, since we’re still technically within the 12 days of Christmas, according to the song.

  • Naf
  • ct

    Holy Crap, Todd! I swear, I had no idea! LOL

  • Although Moonlight had a good degree of angst, it didn’t have werewolves, so it really couldn’t be Twilight 🙂

    Your Survivor idea sounds intriguing. I know how crazy the American Girl store was on Memorial Day weekend. I can just imagine what it would be like close to Christmas! That could possibly be the very first time I ever watch Survivor on purpose!

  • I just totally let out a little girl squeel! lol I always thought Twilight shoudl have been a series, not a movie. There was way to much to pack into two hours, but we could get tons more with a series! Oh the possibilites!

    I did love Moonlight, but it was no Twilight!

  • Jess

    Twilight the Series would be huge or maybe just something similar since we already know who gets the girl. But the Happy Ending would be awesome

  • Ace

    A true US Survivor would be dropping the group in the ghetto of like Baltimore or something :-P. Talk about motivation to run fast in the challenges.

  • Ace

    Also, there is truely a Twilight series on already. It is called True Blood. Sure it isn’t teenagers, but it is pretty much the same basic story. Complete with a shapshifter who is in love with the vampire’s girl.

  • Amy

    I would totally watch happy Endings! That would be awesome
    I wanna know who won the race frig.

  • Well, it won’t be Twilight: The Series, but it will be another book, The Vampire Diaries, coming to the CW, brought to us courtesy of Kevin Williamson.

    I’m intrigued …