Yet Another Reason to Tune into DAMAGES Second Season Premiere

damages season two poster

If remarkable performances by the manipulative and brilliant Patty Hewes (Emmy shoe-in Glenn Close) and her deceptively demure legal protégée Ellen Parsons (Australian newcomer Rose Byrne) weren’t reason enough to get you tune in to DAMAGES second season premiere this Wednesday at 10PM on FX. How’s this for a reason; you’re footing the bill!

We present to you Exhibit ‘A’. Upon closer inspection of the DAMAGES ad ripped scanned from the pages of Entertainment Weekly’s recent year-end double issue, we at couldn’t help but notice that this week’s second season premiere is presented to you by none other than Cadillac, a member of the GM family of auto makers. A family of auto makers that just so happened to be on the receiving end of a recent government bailout valued in the BILLIONS!

So keep that in mind as you revel in the fierceness that is Patty Hewes and Associates. The commercial free premiere you’re enjoying is actually brought to you by your hard-earned tax dollars. Cadillac, not so much.

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  • TVFan

    Things could be worse, at least our tax dollars aren’t presenting a commercial free premiere of According to Jim, or worse, Knight Rider.