Good News: Thanks to a guest starring turn by ex-FRIEND Courteney Cox and more importantly, actual promotion on behalf of ABC, last night’s season premiere of SCRUBS managed to win its timeslot among the coveted 18-24 demographic. Bad News: Too bad it still managed to get completely smoked in total viewers by both the CBS juggernaut known as THE MENTALIST and worse, THE BIGGEST LOSER on NBC. [Source]

Good News: For those of you who simply can’t resist, SyFy Portal has the scoop on how BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ends. Bad News: Television is far more fun when you don’t know what’s going to happen next. So how about demonstrating a teensy bit of self control by not clicking here! [Source]

Good News: The Janitor is finally getting a little respect, with Neil Flynn signing on the dotted line to star opposite Patricia Heaton in ABC’s comedy pilot THE MIDDLE. Bad News: If SCRUBS does get picked up for a ninth season, Sacred Heart will never be the same. [Source]

Good News: Donna Martin is returning to 90210 Bad News: Giving the writers of the fledgling re-boot yet another opportunity to delay any actual character development for the rest of the cast. [Source]

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  • Josh Emerson

    I don’t think the total viewers really matter. Scrubs did great in all the key demos, kicking The Mentalists’ ass. 😀

    I have a feeling a 9th season of Scrubs wouldn’t be set at Sacred Heart. I can’t see how they would make up reasons for all the main cast to leave the hospital, paving way for a new season. Maybe it would be a spinoff with one or two of the characters in a new location? It could be the Carla & Turk show.

  • TVFan

    I got to disagree with Josh. I’d much rather see Scrubs continue in Sacred Heart. And as for the TVA’s thoughts on 90210, In complete agreement. Oh and please stop teasing us with spoiler links. I too want to remain spoiler free for when BSG returns. But it’s not easy

  • I’m so happy Scrubs did well. I liked the end spot with the joke about not getting any recognition and Dr. Shaloub taking home the awards. 🙂

    90210 is so ridiculous. I watch for Kelly/Brenda or Kelly/silver. The rest of the time I’m tearing my hair out. And Shenae wasn’t necessarily the greatest actress on Degrassi but if it’s possible, I think she’s gotten worse.

  • Nick.C

    Good god stick a fork in Scrubs…That show should have been gone a long time ago…The Mentalist kicked it’s @$$….

  • Nick

    CBS should be kissing the ground its viewers will soon be buried in. If it weren’t for the coveted “60-85 year old demo”, that network would not exist. And we all know how senior citizens like to spend money, don’t we? NOT!!! Glad Les is happy with his golden audience so he can proclaim the Eye “TV’s most-watched.” The emperor is dancing with no clothes….insiders know the real CBS story.

  • I’m actually okay with the janitor leaving Scrubs. That character never totally worked for me, although the actor did a great job in the role. Besides, if Scrubs does make it to a ninth season, it sounds like it’s already going to change in a lot of other ways too.

  • Ace

    Having the Janitor, JD and the creator leave the show pretty much puts the nail in the coffin that is Scrubs. It would definitely have to be a situation where one of the doctors moves and the show starts over with them. Hopefully more like Fraiser than like Joey (gag). I’m not really sure which could pull it off… I like all of the characters but I don’t know that any of them are strong enough by themselves.