SCRUBS Gets the Last Laugh

jd turk scrubs

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, SCRUBS creator Bill Lawrence revealed that he wanted NBC to feel stupid for letting the show jump ship to ABC. Well, Mr. Lawrence, we’ve got two words for you, “Steak Night!”… err, sorry… “Mission Accomplished!”

For last night’s back-to-back episodes of SCRUBS (which this TV Addict just had the pleasure of catching up on thanks to the magic that is was a welcome return to form for the series that has yet to meet a fantasy sequence it couldn’t run into the ground. In fact, thanks to the perfect combination of laugh-out-loud moments (Again, did you see that “Steak Night” dance? In all seriousness, somebody get Turk on DANCING WITH THE STARS!) and emotional heartfelt ones that give the likes of GREY’S ANATOMY and ER a run for their money. Bill Lawrence and company proved that not only is SCRUBS far from on life support — but remains, after eight seasons no less — one of the funniest and most enjoyable half hours on television.

(Fingers crossed Mr. Lawrence doesn’t go ahead and ruin it all by bringing back Nurse Roberts as a sexy ghost!)

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  • Yesterdays episodes were great. It felt odd getting back into the show after such a long hiatus, but eventually the show hit its stride. I’m hoping to see more of the interns. Great additions to the show!

  • I too really enjoyed the new interns. But just a heads up, don’t get too attached. Aziz Ansari is already signed on to Amy Poehler’s new NBC comedy.

  • seejayess

    Finally Scrubs in HD! The credits rolling sequence, @ the end of e01 was fantastic…

  • I didn’t love the interns as much as you guys did but I’m glad Scrubs is back getting some respect on ABC.

  • I did like the new interns but I love my guys more. I loved the emotional stuff too. Scrubs is great at that and I think for most it tends to get lost in the comedy.

  • bws

    I think Scrubs handles the emotional stuff better than any of the other medical shows. Scrubs actually has a heart. In between “Steak Niiiiiight” greetings, of course. Everything has its place.