Tonight’s TV Addictions: January 7, 2009

Finally! The show we’ve been waiting for returns with William Hurt as Glenn Close’s latest client. We love this twisty thriller so much that we’ll even forgive them for having Regis & Kelly in a cameo.

Poor PUSHING DAISIES. It gets bumped to make room for back-to-back SCRUBS reruns that ran yesterday! That just ain’t right.

Kevin Kline and Jennifer Garner (ALIAS) star in a production of Cyrano de Bergerac. Kline’s large-nosed alter ego may have a tough time winning his true love seeing as the other side of the famous triangle is being played by Daniel Sunjuta, who was named one of People magazine’s 50 sexiest people in 2003.

With nominees like 27 DRESSES for Favorite Movie Comedy, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES for Favorite Family Drama and Britney Spears’ guest spot on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER for Favorite Scene Stealing Guest Star, we’d like to know which People exactly are taking this award show seriously.

Adds Couch Tater: My choice would be to give a lot of awards to BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, TRUE BLOOD, BIG LOVE and ONE TREE HILL, but I’m betting that’s not how things will go. Queen Latifah is, however, a great choice for host.

A rerun of the episode Chris Meloni (Stabler) will no doubt submit for Emmy consideration. In other words, kind of a yawner.

TOP CHEF (10PM Bravo)
Here’s a challenge we can really sink our teeth into: The chefs must whip up a  up a sweet treat… without using sugar.

There’s a war brewing between Sonny and Jason, so of course Carly sticks her nose right into the middle of the situation. Why she’s worried, we’ll never know. After all, if the mobsters weren’t threatening to kill each other, the show might have to, you know, do a storyline revolving around doctors and patients and a hospital or something.

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  • tim wilkins

    General Hospital shouldn’t even be it’s name anymore. LOL General Mobsters is more like it. AND, who gets to pick the nominees for the People Awards? I didn’t get anything in my mailbox.

  • Jen

    Just have to comment on how bad the People’s Choice Awards are this year. These winners are a joke. (Yes. I’m mad that Supernatural lost to Heroes.)

  • Jen, Two things.

    1) I’m stuck in LAX right now. More or less exciting than the People’s Choice Awards?

    2) I’m shocked SUPERNATURAL fans didn’t ensure a victory for Jared and Jensen. Seriously, I expected more.

  • Jen

    1) Stuck at LAX is probably 100 times more exciting than the People’s Choice Awards. So consider yourself lucky, TVaddict!

    2) I’m still a little suspicious about some of these wins. I mean, come on. Adam Sandler? Hancock? Robin Williams? 27 Dresses? Kid Rock? There may or may not be some rigging involved…

  • Ace

    I hate ABC. That’s all.