You Be the Critic: SCRUBS, NIP/TUCK, PRIVILEGED, 90210 & NCIS

Since your very own TV Addict was otherwise occupied stalking Kiefer Sutherland at last night’s party celebrating the season premiere of 24 (Stay tuned for obligatory and let’s face it, over-the-top shameless pics of the TV Addict with some of your favorite stars!) This TV Addict is passing the buck to you, my far smarter and better looking readers to fill us all in on how good, bad and/or ugly the return of SCRUBS, NIP/TUCK, PRIVILEGED, 90210 and NCIS* were.

And yes, you are indeed reading that correctly. For the first time in the history of, NCIS is getting a mention. Because according to readers like Gabi who were kind enough to take the time to chime in when asked, “NCIS is the best! And for the record, Iā€™m in my late twenties and it drives me nuts when people suggest that NCIS is watched only by people who are fifty plus!”

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  • bws

    I only watched Scrubs last night but deeply enjoyed it. It sounds like they will be going a little more serious in the final season instead of all the zaniness of the past two seasons. That would be really good. A mix of comedy and drama would be a perfect send-off for Scrubs. So it looks like ABC is going to double-up every week until it’s done? 18 episodes in 9 weeks? Can anyone else confirm this? If my calculations are correct, that means that Scrubs will be done the week before Reaper takes the Privileged spot on the CW in mid-March. That will really help with easing the 8pm CST Tuesday logjam.

  • Linda B.

    I thought Scrubs was great. I laughed out loud several times and i think it’s been a while since I’ve done that w/ this show. Most funny part was when Turk kept piping in “You’re Welcome” everytime JD used one of his ideas.

  • Ronaldo

    Scrubs was great.

    Law & Order SVU was OK but i prefer Law & Order.

    Nip/Tuck was over-the-top like usual.

  • abcohen

    Nip/Tuck – they should have taken the stabbing and said thats it we’re moving out of LA back to Miami or reboot to NYC!!! left the rest of the cast in LA or where-ever!!!! They should have taken Liz, Wilbury and moved!

    Shawn’s son could have popped up 3-5 times in NYC and that would have been enough and let him go get his MD!

    I think they’re missing the formula that worked for seasons 1-4 so well!!!! These guys will sell their souls to get ahead in the medical world and to get laid while doing it!!! no one cares about the personal makeup of Troy! He’s an a-hole and bangs anything that moves!

    Get the NYC mob to come knock on their door – give them a fab 5th ave setup – a mob PR guru and have them on every talk show in NYC on letterman and whatever – but at the same point they’re digging bullets out of bad guys and redoing faces to hide from the feds… Troy rocks the hamptons and really starts to enjoy the gangster lifestyle while shawn (as always) starts to have a meltdown over the crisis of personal values… but this time its the mob and they’re not taking any chances so they ice someone he loves dearly to prove the point.

    now thats a reboot!!!!

  • Josh Emerson

    Scrubs was awesome. And it was in HD!

    I loved the end of the first episode. JD: “I know it’s tempting to just mail it in, but there’s still a lot of people who rely on us week to week. I think we owe it to them to be as inspired as we were during our first few years.” And then bringing up “the Nielsens.”

  • bws

    I did love the little inside jabs at the end of Scrubs. Good times. Stupid Nielsens. Creator Bill Lawrence said he really just wants to beat “Kath and Kim” in the ratings. That’s his only goal this season. Stick it to Ben Silverman!

    I guess Scrubs was always an ABC produced show and sold? to NBC. I don’t really understand how it all works. And it was nice to see it in HD. I believe they tried it in HD once last year but Lawrence didn’t like changing it at that point. I say, why not. The only show I watch now that isn’t in HD is The Amazing Race which has some serious logistical issues in doing so, of course.

  • I watched both eps of Scrubs, and was pleased that they were able to recapture some of the magic that first made me love the show. It was just the right balance of funny and sentimental. JD and Turk have grown, but haven’t lost their quirky charms. And I think Courtney Cox is a great addition!

    Haven’t seen Nip/Tuck yet. Not sure if any Canadian networks are going to pick it up for this season. Anyone have any info on a Canadian start date?

  • grumpyoldman

    This is so embarrassing. We watched Biggest Loser. Thank goodness that isn’t in HD.
    (I did DVR Scrubs though.)

  • grumpyoldman,

    admitting you have a problem is the first step šŸ™‚

  • tim wilkins

    I checked out 90210 again. Hoping against hope things were better. The only good part of the ep, Brenda and Kelly. I appreciated Dixon’s storyline somewhat and the adopted son being. . . well, not to ruin it. But who didn’t see that one coming last year? lol And as for test results being given in the waiting room in FRONT of Brenda and Kelly was just so WRONG. Or was that just me?

  • Tim – I, too, was like who gives test results in a waiting room … for EVERYONE to hear. Ridiculous.

    Privileged was AMAZING as usual.

  • ewanspotter

    The TV Addict talking about NCIS? *SHOCKAWE*

    It really is a great show. It’s not as sophisticated as other shows (ie, Mad Men) and the procedural plots can vary, but fans love it for the characters and the team-yness.

    TV Addict, I know you have a busy television watching schedule, but you really should try an episode or two. That way you’ll get a feel for what NCIS is and why people like it (even if it’s not your cup of tea at the end of the day).

    If you’re willing to accept the challenge, I suggest season two’s premiere, “See No Evil.” It’s a nice stand-alone episode with a little comedy, a little drama, and plenty of character chemistry. Plus, to top it all off: A great guest appearance by a pre-Little Miss Sunshine Abigail Breslin (kid can cry like nobody’s business, for serious).

  • Nick.C

    Why no love for the Mentalist?Last night was a great EP….

    You all need to be what your namesake says….TV ADDICT…

    Give all shows their due.Not just ones u personally like.

  • Ace

    90210 was horrible. I actually laughed out when stick figure #1 got all excited that she didnt have AIDS and the doctor was like “yeah but you are preggo”. How insanely predictable was that? Another laugh out loud moment: drunkface’s drunkfaces at the end of the episode whilst blaming stick figure #2 for destroying her family… (Sorry just can’t use their real names.)

    On the other hand, Scrubs and Privileged were great :). So glad that Scrubs is finally back and that we saw some classic Turk/JD moments (how funny was stuffed JD!). Privileged is just cute. It is the live action equivalent of watching an episode of the carebears or something.

  • I am extremely surprised that NCIS came in at #1 with almost 20 million viewers, very very impressive.

  • I have quite few favourite episodes of NCIS, but the one that i like at the time is ‘Dead Man Talking’ the one whereas Tony kisses a man, and they enquire the death of an NCIS agent, Pacci. Great episode.