Random Musings: Digital TV, Donna Martin, Donald Trump & More!

You know all those really annoying commercials about the switch to Digitial TV that we’ve been forced to endure for the past year or so. Well, get ready for a lot more of them. As Broadcasting & Cable reports this week that President-elect Barack Obama has pressed pause on those pesky little issues like fixing the economy and the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan in order to ask Congress to delay the proposed DTV (Digital TV) transition date past the February 17 deadline. Begging the question, if America can’t manage a relatively simple switch to Digital TV that has been years in the making, what chance does Universal Healthcare have? We’re just sayin’.

According to E! Online, Donna Martin is indeed heading back to America’s favorite zip code. Which means it’s time for this TV Addict to offer a little bit of free advice to the ‘brains’ behind the new 90210. Ready? Because here we go in 3… 2… 1… Fans are never going to become emotionally invested in the younger generation of characters if you keep bringing back the original class. So either stop with these pathetic rating stunts, or simply rejig the show to what you cleary wish it was: 90210 Ten Years Later.

With Kathy Griffin’s penchant for hilarity catapulting her off the “D-List” and into serious “B-List” contention, perhaps Donald Trump could borrow the moniker. Because after announcing his new crop of contestants for the new season of THE APPRENTICE: ‘CELEBRITY’ EDITION that include the likes of, Clint Black, Andrew Dice Clay, poker player Annie Duke, Tom Green, golfer Natalie Gulbis, Scott Hamilton, Jesse James, DEAL OR NO DEAL model Claudia Jordan, Khloe Kardashian, Brian McKnight, Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers, Brande Roderick, Dennis Rodman, football star Herschel Walker and Tionne “T-Boz Watkins — we can’t help but wonder if it’s finally time to call ‘CELEBRITY’ APPRENTICE what it is, THE-LIST APPRENTICE.

And speaking of D-listers. We’re fairly confident that Sanjay Malakar releasing a memoire is a sure sign of the coming apocalypse.

And finally, while last night’s UGLY BETTY does get serious props for managing to surprise us with one emotionally charged ending that we didn’t see coming. We’re not so sure how many more times we can watch Betty mess things up at Mode only to miraculously save the day just in the nick of time.

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  • Ace

    Man oh man, if I have to see one more commercial about the stupid DTV switch, I may go nuts. Is it really that hard to figure out? My favorite is that local news is starting to cover it like it is a major story…”Tonight at 6, how YOU can prepare for the DTV switch!” This isn’t Y2K people. Come on out of that bomb shelter and buy yourself a converter box, or join the rest of us that have cable. Also, the tests, to show you whether you are ready or not, that TV stations have been doing at 6:30 AM whilst I am eating breakfast are also silly. But even more silly? That they discuss what to do to avoid losing signal! Umm, pretty sure the only people hearing that conversation are those who do not need it.

    Ok, rant over. Sorry!

  • Ace,
    Great Rant!

  • Ace

    I got a little carried away.