66th Annual Golden Globe Awards Blog Live

11:45PM: Thanks to everyone who stopped by tonight’s Golden Globe Awards Live Blog. Before we call it a night, sleep on this. With SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE opening in India next week. What are the odds the entire county has already seen it thanks to the proliferation of pirated DVDs and BitTorrent?

11:02PM: NBC completely drops the ball as whomever accepted the award for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE totally drops the F-Bomb!

11:00PM: And at the stroke of 11PM, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE wins a much deserved statuette for Best Motion Picture Drama.

10:57PM: Mickey Rourke wins for Best Actor in Motion Picture Drama and thanks his dogs saying, “Sometimes when a man’s alone, all you got is your dog” Never one to pass up an opportunity to shamelessly pimp my dog, here’s a peak at the TV Addict’s adorable Goldendoodle ‘Mac’.

10:49PM: Twitter friend @BradInToronto wonders, “if Elisabeth Moss is giving Jeremy Piven dirty looks from the stage.”

10:46PM: MAD MEN finally slays the HBO juggernaut winning the Globe for Best Television Drama. Matthew Weiner gives a fairly uninspiring speech. But on the plus side, his price tag just shot up in the season three negotiations between himself, Lionsgate and AMC.

10:40PM: Shocker! Kate Winslet wins a second Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for REVOLUTIONARY ROAD. Who’s the king of the world now?

10:30PM: We’re going to have to disagree with Salma Hayek and Sandra Bullock who most definitely do not think presentor Sasha Baron Cohen is funny. VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA wins the Golden Globe for Best Comedy in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

10:20PM: Colin Farrell wins a Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy statuette for IN BRUGES.

10:14PM: Danny Boyle wins a Best Director “GG” (as he very affectionally calls the Golden Globes) for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

10:01PM: Stephen Spielberg gets the Cecil B. DeMille Award and this TV Addict gets a blogging break. Phew.

9:48PM: Could Tina Fey have looked any less surprised to win her statue for Best Actress in a Television Comedy or Musical? How much do you wanna bet that she’d trade in her umpteenth award for a few million more viewers?

9:45PM: A. R. Rahman wins for Best Original Score for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.

9:35PM: 30 ROCK walks away with a well-deserved Best Comedy in a Television Golden Globe… while Tracy Morgan shoots down any chance of a future nomination by showing around 15 million viewers that when he ‘plays’ Tracy Jordan as an inebriated incoherent buffoon, he’s not acting (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

9:31PM: Paul Giamatti wins Best Actor in a Television Movie or Mini-Series Drama for JOHN ADAMS. We can barely contain our excitement.

9:28PM: Is Renee Zellweger dressed more like Cruella de Vil or a thin Ursula from THE LITTLE MERMAID?

9:21PM: Alec Baldwin wins for Best Actor in a Television Comedy or Musical and mentions that he feels old because he used to give Rumor Willis juices box on the set of his movies. Awkward silence, proving once again who the real heroes are, 30 ROCK’s writers.

9:20PM: Simon Beaufoy wins a Best Adapted Screenplay statuette for SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. One of this TV Addict’s Top 5 Movies of the year in case you’re wondering.

9:19PM: Who invited Ben Silverman and his life partner friend?

9:11PM: Laura Linney walks away with a Best Actress in a Television Movie or Mini-Series statuette for JOHN ADAMS.

9:08PM: Wait a second… Lauren Dern and Laura Linney are not the same person!

9:01PM: Hilarious comment shout-out from The Televixen “Drew Barrymore looks emaciated IMO. Give the girl a hot fudge sundae!”

8:58PM: Heath Ledger wins for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture, gets a rousing standing ovation. Classy.

8:56PM: As expected, JOHN ADAMS wins an Emmy for Best Television Movie or Mini-Series.

8:51PM: No, that’s not an Amy Whinehouse impersonator (Thanks reader Tim G. for the line). It’s Sally Hawkins who just won Best Actress in a Motion Picture Comedy or Musical for HAPPY-GO-LUCKY… crickets… who saw it?

8:39PM: Is there an award show the Jonas Brothers don’t attend? Here they are presenting for Best Animated Feature which WALL•E deservingly wins.

8:37PM: Ricky Gervais to Kate Winslet, “I told you… do a Holocaust movie…” If only GHOST TOWN were so funny.

8:32PM: HBO, err… we mean Anna Paquin wins for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama for TRUE BLOOD.

8:31PM: New Spock and Kirk walk on stage to present. Cue Nerd Orgasm.

8:29PM: Gabriel Byrne robs Michael C. Hall and John Hamm for Best Actor in a Television Series Drama. Begging the question… what incriminating photos does HBO have on The Hollywood Foreign Press.

8:29PM: Raise your hand if your just a little creeped out that Michael C. Hall is now married to his television Sister Jennifer Carpenter.

8:18PM: Laura Dern wins for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Series, Movie and/or Mini-series… and judging by how long it took her to walk up to the podium, it’s a pretty big shocker.

8:16PM: Tom Wilkinson wins for Best Supporting Actor in a Television Series, Movie or Mini-Series proving once again how ridiculous it is that these actors all being clumped together makes no sense. That, or I’m simply bitter that Neil Patrick Harris was robbed. I mean hello? Did the voters not see NPH host SNL last night?

8:14PM: How wrong is it that Demi Moore looks one hundred times hotter (not to mention one thousand times younger) than daughter Rumor Willis?

8:08PM: The good news, Bruce Springsteen beat Miley Cyrus for Best Original Song. The bad news, Miley Cyrus was nominated for Best Original song?

8:06PM: Sting presents Best Original Song with a full beard… leading us to start tonight’s first unsubstantiated rumor of the night. Guess who’s auditioning for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN IV?

8:02PM: KATE WINSLET wins Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture Drama for THE READER and we’re just going to say it… drones on for far too long. Thoughts?

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  • Josh C.

    *rasies hand* I saw happy go lucky and it was the cutest movie ever. she deserved that award

  • Lawrence Fishburn giving an award as the star of CSI? Please. I will never watch the show again without William Peterson, and can we get a break from Tami, or Toni Faye…..no reasonable person knows who she is or cares about 30 Rock……………go figure, the real people don’t watch…………..

  • luke

    I watch 30 Rock, so I guess I’m not a real person.

  • Of course you are……don’t mind my comments……..all change is difficult, I am just sorry to see CSI fall apart…..I really liked the series and honestly never gave 30 Rock a chance because I am not a fan of Alec Baldwin….he is not the greatest actor in my opinion, but I have been wrong before…….just tired of the Politics……..have a great day

  • Lyz

    I’m pretty mad that Supernatural diden’t get nominated,,,
    Hmm, To me Jared and Jensen work super hard and are great actors.
    Along with other as well that got no recognition whatsoever :/