Review: 24 Season 7

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The clock is ticking.

And while this TV Addict is the first to admit that posting our review of 24’s new season isn’t exactly akin to saving the world Jack Bauer style. It’s what we do. And unfortunately, we’ve got a little more than five hours remaining to do so. Tick… tock… tick… tock…

Herein lies problem: After watching the season’s first four episodes, this TV Addict remains conflicted as to where we stand. I mean, far be it from us to critique the critics, but it’s almost too easy to simply write off the show as an unrealistic and irrelevant remnant of the Bush/Cheney post 9/11 era (see here, here and here).

Because the reality is, that as a result of what has become a somewhat constrictive real-time format, there is no denying the fact that the new season of 24 is a whole lot of the same.

Season seven kicks off in Washington D.C. where Jack Bauer is forced to defend his actions at the now defunct CTU in front of a congressional subcommittee. Of course, this not being an episode of THE WEST WING, it should come as no surprise that Jack Bauer is quickly pulled out of the hearing to once again save the world from terrorists intent on bringing America to its knees. All the while, newly elected President Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) must deal with the aftermath of the choices made in 24: REDEMPTION with a First Husband (Colm Feore) at her side who may or may not have an agenda entirely his own.

In other-words, if you’re not a fan of 24’s trademark plot twists, conspiracies that miraculously find their way into the highest levels of government and the show’s seemingly endless supply of computer geniuses with social deficiencies, the Golden Globes start at 8PM over on NBC.

But if Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe O’Brian is your version of Angelina Jolie, you’ll be pleased to discover that the 24 showrunners may have actually learned a lesson or two from their previous season’s mistakes.

Rather than send fans directly to as they did last season by having Jack Bauer survive a Nuclear Blast with nary a scratch. Season seven builds at a slower and dare we say more realistic pace. Replacing the ‘big bang’ with a mix of welcome surprises that include the return of a familiar face (Carlos Bernard’s Tony Almeida), a disapproving new FBI partner (Annie Wersching’s Agent Renee Walker) and most importantly of all, the promise that the middle portion of the season won’t go from “can’t miss” to “why bother” faster than Jack Bauer can utter the words “Dammit!”

And to those fans still bemoaning Tony Almeida’s implausible return back from the dead. Keep in mind that things could be a lot worse, he could be a ghost.

24 premieres on Sunday, January 11th, 2009 at 8PM on Fox (Global in Canada).

Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/FOX

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  • Akroudy

    Well, after the first episode, I have to say this is on its way to being a lost season. Last night was terrible. I will watch the first hour tonight and decide if it is worth watching the rest of the season. It doesn’t look good so far.

  • Upeople_suck

    OK, it seems to me that you people can so go scratch. I bet you think you could write a better season. You sit there and cry like little girls. People watch 24 for the action, for the plot twists, for the conspiracies. The fact that you don’t know who to trust keeps you on the edge of your seat. The two hour season opener was awesome, I loved when Jack was going to take a simple BIC ball point pen and shove it in his eye. You people need to suspend your disbelief or go choke your chicken. I bet you are the same people that thing CSI, CSI: MIAMI, or NCIS is better than 24. How many times does Horatio pull off sunglass and turn his head to an awkward angle? The truth is Grissom, Gibbs, and Horatio would get smacked down by Bauer. I love how every case is solved within an hour on these canned copied shows. I love how the test results come back so quickly. If you are going to cry that 24 wasn’t written the way you would have done it then go to school become a writer and come up with an idea that other people would like, not for your self gratification. All you who complain would come up with crap that would never make it to a major network like Fox let alone ever make it to season 7. This new season of 24 looks good, I can’t wait to see tonights two hours.

    I’m so and so and I approve this message.

  • @Akroudy

    You’ll definitely watch it after the first hour tonight!

  • Stop_Complaining

    What the hell are people complaining about? This show is great. Ok, I have to admit; it does have its unrealistic moments but which show doesn’t. I’m sure the majority of people who complain will sit back and still watch the whole season 7. This is the only show that gets me on the edge.

  • 24fan

    What the hell is wrong with you. 24 is so good because of what it is. The great plot twwists make the show unpredictable, and really if you want it to be realistic than you wouldn’t watch. A realistic 24 wouldn’t have any action. Have you ever seen or heard about a nuclear bomb going of in LA no, but what would 24 be without it? It would be nothing. Yes, I do somewhat agree that you cant quite trust any government agent, FBI or white house representative, and it is a little blown out of proportion, but hey its 24 and anything can happen. After last seasons slow and uneventful ending, season 7 is just what 24 fans need to get their adrenaline kicking again.

  • 24UKFan

    24 aired last night for us in the UK and having watched every season of 24, this is looking like one of the best. I like the fact that CTU is no longer since it’s added yet another twist to the plot and Agent Walker is very easy to look at!

    The has only been on time in the history of 24 which I have nearly turned off, and I was concerned this might be the second time, I mean how long can the writers keep the standard so high, however they have not let us down. This 24 is looking great – Well done guys!!

    All I can say is Jack is back… kicking butt!!

  • jignesh

    Simply the best…btr thn prison break 3rd nd 4th season

  • 24Vancouver

    I really enjoyed the second night of the premiere. I loved how we didn’t know who exactly Jack called – and I’m glad Chloe is back! Jack breaking Tony out – fabulous. I don’t think he’s even driven a car without sitting in the driver’s seat. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds. I hope it is better than season 6. I think Agent Walker is going to make things very interesting. I have a theory that the late Christoper Henderson character will somehow be connected to why Tony is working – because he was the last one to see Tony in season 6 – that we saw. I hope that the writers haven’t covered the potential for that story, because it could be quite interesting; but I think they may have when they talked about EMS people helping Tony when he died. In terms of production, the camera movement during the first two hours was distracting – but settled nicely in on the second night.

    Here’s to the best season of 24 EVER!

  • 24Calgary

    Welcome back 24! It’s been awhile!

    I thought the season premiere of 24 was great! I would’ve thought that Jack would’ve been in the Senate hearing longer and it would’ve taken longer for the FBI to get to Tony. I’m not going to lie, I was kind of hoping to see FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation replace CTU in the opening credits. The one thing I wanted to see or hear was a new theme during the opening credits instead of using Season 5’s opening credit theme. I’ll agree that we have a slower start, then we did with Season 6 (which say what you will about Day 6, but the opening 4 episodes were fantastic), but I have no doubt that Day 7 will live up to the high standards it set for itself. Can’t wait to see how the rest of the season pans out!

  • Tonight was great and I can’t wait til next week when they storm the White House. It looks exciting and when Elisha Cuthbert comes back…

  • Faisal

    All hail Jack Bauer
    All hail Jack Bauer
    Best Season Ever
    The episode that tabaco dies is the best episode
    And the attack in the white was great too
    And i wish if Elisha Curthburt comes back, it would make it even better.

  • Kieran

    seriously now! the next two episodes are the LAST!!! i cant believe it!! but seriosuly, this season hasnt had me shouting and grinning and jumping around like the others. only at certain (and few) moments have it been truely excited. but now kim’s in trouble again? kim is an idiot. always in trouble, always causing jack grief! he’ll bust tony out, get so far, be arrested then have to go save kim himself. then kill tony. but tony might die before he rescues kim. wither way, thats how it’ll end. they’ll make it look like jack killed an agent in the van, but he wont, it’ll be like nina myers when he sticks the vest on her. tut. i hope to god im wrong. i really do. i want something awesome to happen.

  • Elanore Taylor

    It was so obvious that Political Correctness counted more than anything else throughout Season 7t…the worse season in my opinion…It seemed like the show was underlining J. Nepalitano’s memos to US law enforcement, the bad-guys are male, ex-military, Americans and Republicans, while the “good-guys” are represented by the Imam, at the end of the finale – praying with Jack. Are the producers, writers and consultant Muslim supporters, who have skewed the entire structure and philosophy of 24 away from Islamo-terrorism? Or has the show received too many threats/fatwas from around the Mulim world? I surely hope not! Whatever the reasons, I was bored and felt uneasy from the beginning to the end of this once fast paced thriller from week to week…