Tonight’s TV Addictions: January 12, 2009

Wolowitz is a lean, mean love machine… if only in his own mind. But when Penny tries to burst his bubble, it’s gonna cause problems for everyone… including a slew of battle bots!

24 (8PM FOX, Global in Canada)
We get another two hours of Day 7, and things will begin to make a little more sense tonight. Actually, most of you probably figured out some of what will be revealed. Look for some familiar faces to return and a major development in the annoying-but-apparently-necessary-on-this-show secondary storyline involving the First Husband’s situation. Sorry, but I’m already bored with that plot. Sherry Palmer he ain’t!

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (8:30PM CBS, E! in Canada)
Remember the famous episode of SEINFELD where Jerry and Elaine thought they could be friends with benefits? Remember how badly that turned out? Well, tonight we’ll find out if that notion works any better for Robin and Ted. On the downside, Spencer & Heidi of THE HILLS, along with some of their equallyuntalented reality brethren, do cameos.

Find out tonight who gets the season’s first kiss. Which leads me to wonder if before throwing these people into a cesspool of spit-swapping, the producers give them all STD tests? Before the night is over, three ladies — and I use the term loosely — will be gone. One, perhaps wisely, by choice!

ONE TREE HILL (9PM CW, SunTV in Canada)
It’s a good news/bad news scenario tonight. The bad news: Chad Michael Murray is at it again. The good news: This time, he’s only directing, and it seems unlikely that position will allow him to do nearly as much damage as his disastrous attempt at writing an episode yielded earlier this season. In this outing, word of Peyton’s condition spreads, and Mouth has to figure out if he can live with Millicent’s fling.

KYLE XY (9PM ABC Family)
As the third season begins, its bellybutton-less boy to the rescue in the wake of Amanda’s kidnapping.

Sam accidentally gets a glimpse of Angela’s… um… “girlies”. And then kinda writes about it.

The problem with this show is that the beauties on this show aren’t actually all that hot. Sure, most of us would kill or die to look like them, but… this is the best they could find? There is, however, a certain joy to be found in watching obnoxious hot people being mocked for their lack of inner beauty. Or, um, human decency.

Funniest sentence of the day: “Nikolas and Nadine take on the government.”

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  • Can I just say … I thought HIMYM jumped the shark a bit with BritBrit but apparently they have LEAPED over the shark and left it in the dust with the Spiedi cameo. I don’t like seeing them on their own show. Stop invading my TV!

  • Overall, HIMYM is so entertaining that I can forgive them for the occasional bit of stunt casting.

  • Just Jody

    You’re not watching Being Erica on CBC TVAddict? I caught the premiere last night, and enjoyed it. Will be checking out ep. #2 tonight.

  • Just Jody,

    On your recommendation I’m downloading it now on iTunes.

  • John

    “In this outing, word of Peyton’s disease spreads…”

    Since when is being pregnant a disease?

  • Josh Emerson

    The cameos tonight on HIMYM seem like they’re gonna be pretty minor, so I’m fine with it. The previews on Kristin’s site at E are fairly funny.

    I’ll be enjoying Worst Week while I still can. I’ve grown to really like that show!

    Meanwhile, I just completely lost interest in One Tree Hill. I tried watching last week after giving it up for a while, and I couldn’t get into it.

  • John, Thanks for the correction.

  • CT

    John: Whoops. Totally my bad. Although, given my general dislike of children, it might have been a freudian slip…

  • Alyssa

    Can the term “jump the shark” be retired forever, please? It’s a million years old and people don’t even bother to use it correctly. Now it just means “the show did something I don’t like.” Saying that an episode that has not yet aired has made a show “jump the shark,” doesn’t make sense unless you’ve seen the future.

  • Patty

    Isn’t her name “Amanda” not “Angela”? I happen to love Kyle XY and I’m pretty sure that’s her name…just pointing it out 🙂

  • ct

    Alyssa: If we retired sayings that gave us a common venacular and immediate understanding, a whole lot of the english language would have to be done away with! Let’s face it: We’re a people who love to shorthand everything, and the moment one uses the phrase “jump the shark” 90 percent of the audience to whom you’re speaking — heck, probably 100 percent in a forum such as this one — know exactly what it means!

  • Kristen

    How could you not get into OTH with that whole creepy killer storyline? I was creeped out for days!