Good News, Bad News: PRISON BREAK Cancelled, 24 & President Bush

Good News: Calling the show “creatively played out” FOX President Kevin Reilly announced this morning that FOX has canceled PRISON BREAK with plans to air its final batch of episode starting April 17. Bad News: It took FOX this long to realize that PRISON BREAK was creatively played out, seriously? [Source]

Good News: The return of 24 attracted nearly 13 million viewers, besting November’s disappointing prequel numbers by 400,000. Bad News: Unfortunately, Sunday’s premiere still managed to garner 20 percent fewer viewrs than its previous season opener back in January 2007. [Source]

Bad News: Outgoing President Bush’s request to address the American public one last time has wrecked havoc on Thursday night’s television schedule (with FOX already bumping the return of BONES). Good News: The phrase “outgoing President Bush” sure does have a nice ring to it. [Source]

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  • Nick

    BAD NEWS: TV Guide stops listing CW and MTV shows, yet continues listing MyNet, QVC and Noggin.
    GOOD NEWS: People stopped reading TV Guide about a decade ago, so no one will even notice.

    (Overheard inside TV Guide boardroom):
    “GOOD NEWS!” We’re not going to list The CW programs anymore.
    “VERY BAD NEWS”: Oh, we can’t still use their hunky stars as cover stories to sell our magazine anymore…? Uh, er…eh….maybe we didn’t think this thru quite enough.

  • John

    “Calling the show “creatively played out” NBC President Kevin Reilly…”

    Reilly hasn’t been with NBC for almost 2 years. He is President of Fox, which makes more sense with the article.

  • luke

    poor tvaddict….people will pick apart everything.

  • NOOOOOOO! I miss Bones. 🙁

  • Mario

    I gotta disagree with u, every review i’ve read about prison break, including the one playing in my head, helms the creative direction this season took. Everyone i know started watching it again.

  • Josh Emerson

    “Good News: The phrase “outgoing President Bush” sure does have a nice ring to it.”

    Yeah it does! I believe “Ultra Amazing Fantastic News” is probably more appropriate. 😀

    I’m curious about how the networks will switch their schedules. NBC could just take Kath & Kim off for the night.

  • TVFan

    I know this will make me sound like a moron, but I can’t stand when TV is pre-empted for news. Isn’t that what MSNBC, CNN, FOX News, CNBC are for?

  • Hil

    Yeah, there is very little reason for EVERY SINGLE STATION to play the same thing. Unless you enjoy flipping through them quickly and seeing which ones make the faces peachier or greener or whatever. I just turn the TV off and do something else. I get super basic cable so it pretty much will be every single station. 🙁

    I was looking forward to Bones coming back. Is it going to play later on in the night or is it bumped all the away into next Thursday?

  • Good point, Hil. I’m glad to know now that I’m not the only one who switches channels fast to see how the different networks look during presidential pre-empts. Have you noticed each network has slightly different sound too? Some are louder, some are more echoey, etc.

    As for Prison Break, I’m neither happy nor sad about the cancellation. I’ve watched it from the beginning and have continued to enjoy it despite how ludicrous it has sometimes been. It’s my guilty pleasure. But considering it’s lasted three seasons longer than it should have, cancellation was eminent, if not overdue. I will miss it but am not upset it’s going. I’m happy Fox is giving it a chance to wrap up, but with only 6 to 8 episodes left, it’d be nice if they let it go out on a non-Friday timeslot.

  • Melissa


    Bones will have a 2 hour premiere on Thursday Jan 22. Hope this helps!

  • I think Prison Break is creatively played out. I don’t know where it can go after this. We’ve had Michael’s dad and mom come back He’s gone from discovering the Company to trying to take it down, to working for it, to taking it down and now we don’t know who’s on the “right” side anymore. I think once this season’s battle is over there’s not really another place to go.

  • AHA

    I wonder if Prison Break’s cancellation has something to do with Wentwoth Miller putting on weight? I liked him more when he was leaner.

  • abcohen

    I think Prison Break’s reboot this year was needed but I think the angle of the Company should be over with – I do hope they can really WRAP the show up in the final few episodes (I hate it when a show leaves the air with a cliff hanger) so let them go off to the sunset and enjoy opening up a dive shop in Mexico or something!

  • allie

    I’m enjoying Prison Break but if they are going to end it on a real high note with everything wrapped up nicely then I’m happy … as for Thursday, why does the President’s address have to wreck every other station? Obama’s inauguration speech will be important, but Bush’s, not so much!

  • CarolynMorton

    HAHAHA! I totally predicted that bringing Sara back would ruin this once good show (Prison BReak) and I was right. Ever since they brought that character back, Prison BReak has lost 24% of its viewers. Its a joke of a show now and the acting is terrible. Glad its cancelled! Its been ‘creatively played out’ for about two seasons now, to be honest. They should have cancelled it long ago. Can’t believe anyone still watches that terrible show!