Inside Last Night’s 90210 Party with Shenae Grimes

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90210 Stars (L to R): Michael Steger, Shenae Grimes and Ryan Eggold

Last night,’s Special West Coast Correspondent Kevin Kelly was fortunate enough to attend the party the CW threw for the gang from 90210. Everybody who is anybody was there. Including original cast members Jennie Garth and Jason Priestly, who stuck around just long enough to get mauled by a swarm of paparazzi and press only to (understandably) leave early.

Luckily,’s Special West Coast Correspondent Kevin Kelly really earned his stripes last night by managing to fight his way through the madness in order to snag an exclusive with Shenae Grimes. Here’s what she had to say about what can only be described as the most surreal year of her life, ever. So how is it been dealing with the popularity of the show, the limelight this year?
Shenae Grimes:
It’s crazy! The only weird thing is getting use to the paparazzi being around all the time. But you get used to that pretty quick. Other than that, I don’t read anything in the press, so it doesn’t really affect me.

Any surreal, “this is my life” moments?
Fans approaching me is always insane. People who appreciate what I do for a living and care enough to come up to me is always insane, amazing. That will never get old I don’t think. Parties and events and seeing certain people that I never thought I’d ever thought I’d ever catch myself in the same room. That’s pretty crazy.

Your generation of actors is really the first to grow up with Facebook and MySpace, do you have time to do web stuff?
I’m technology inept, I don’t think I’d be able to maintain that. It’s a great idea. If I figure it out I’d like to. I’d love to be able to speak to my fans live. Really crazy cool.

Do you hang out with the old cast just as much as the new cast?
I haven’t shot very much with Jenny [Garth]. I don’t know what the other kids relationships with them are like. I know when Shannon [Doherty was on set I was with her all the time. Talking to her, she’s amazing.

Jason’s [Priestly] is directing an upcoming episode, right?
It’s coming up, the next episode, It’s so exciting.

I hope they get him to appear on the show.
Me too!

Don’t miss tonight’s new episode of 90210 airing at 8PM on the CW (9PM on Global in Canada)

Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images North America

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