Why HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Will Always Get the Benefit of the Doubt

marshall how i met your mother

When word leaked out that famous-for-nothing reality TV ‘stars’ such as Heidi and Spencer, Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson had signed on to guest star on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, this TV Addict was the first to admit that our excitement, for lack of a better word, could be contained.

Yet after watching last night’s installment, we would like to take this opportunity to publicly proclaim to showrunners Craig Thomas and Carter Bays: We will never doubt you again!

Not only were the trifecta of tabloid mainstays brilliantly used to skewer the pointlessness that are reality TV ‘stars’ with no discernible talent (As Marshall so eloquently put it while having an imaginary conversation with Kim Kardashian, “You’re right, woman who I don’t know but my wife assures me is famous.”) They gave Jason Segal the hilarious (and sadly, somewhat relatable) “reading a magazine” story-line that perfectly juxtaposed the poignant and surprisingly emotional realization by Barney that he is indeed in love with Robin.

Yes, it took almost four full seasons, but the ultimate ladies man has found “the one.” And boy was it fun to watch Barney squirm. So much so that this TV Addict is going to forgive Barney for his continuous and senseless destruction of televisions (Yes, even though they were now obsolete CRT’s, it still hurts!)

Needless to say, we’re not sure Neil Patrick Harris could be anymore awesome. First he kicks off the weekend by hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and raises the show (not to mention everyone around him) to actual levels of funniness not seen outside of a Tina Fey/Sarah Palin/Amy Poehler impersonation. Then, graciously loses a much deserved Golden Globe on Sunday to Tom Wilkinson. Only to cap off the weekend by injecting shocking levels of vulnerability and tenderness into a character that in almost anyone else’s hands could have come off as annoying and cartoonish three seasons ago.

In a word Legen… (wait for it)… Dary and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • ct

    Oh, fine, you’re going to MAKE me watch this show, aren’t you?

  • Gabi

    I agree with everything you said! God I love NPH, he is so amazing. Fantastic episode! So cute seeing Barney in love with Robin.

  • Ace

    He was talking to Kim Kardashian at when he told her she was hot but he didn’t know what she did. I had to google Kendra to find out who the heck she was…. HA!

  • Ace,

    Thanks for the correction. I too had no idea who Kendra Wilkinson was. Turns out she is a Playboy playmate and TV personality currently on E!’s THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kendra_Wilkinson

  • luke

    That was definitely the best episode of the season. Here’s this news article I just read about the show.


    I guess this means Barrny and Robin won’t be getting together anytime soon.

  • TV Addict, I think you need to revoke CT’s license. Not watching HIMYM? Unthinkable!

  • TVFan

    Hands down, best episode of the season. Loved the callback to Ted and Robin’s “Private/Major” gag.

  • Kate

    What an awfsome episode!

  • I loved this episode and I, too, doubted the stunt casting of Speidi et al. And I was pleasantly surprised. I shall never doubt these writers again.

    And like Barney, I did think they were talking about masturbating.

  • AR

    Why do they changed ROBIN’S LAST NAME twice during season 1?

    First they called her something like Robin Tuborsky, than I think Scherbotsky and now Scherbatsky.

  • Bethany

    “Haaaaave you met Ted?”