Nate Archibald, Where Art Thou?

Words this TV Addict never thought he’d utter: We’re starting to feel sorry for Gossip Guy Chace Crawford.

Why feel sorry for one of the lucky few winners of the genetic lotterly? Simple. Nate Archibald continues to get the cold shoulder from the GOSSIP GIRL writers despite being one of the most buzzed about young actors on the show. Take Monday night’s episode for example. This so-called lead character on the CW’s flagship show once again garnered less screen time than well, everyone. Gone and forgotten are his familial issues, housing crisis and relationships (or lack there of) with both Vanessa and Jenny. I mean for Frak’s sake, Dorota gets more screen time and we’re fairly confident that she’s not even legally allowed to work in this country! Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage [GOSSIP GIRL showrunners], care to explain?

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  • Nick

    It’s like George and Jerry trying to write a sitcom and excluding Elaine. “There’s too many people in the room to keep track of…me, you, Kramer, the butler…it’s too confusing.”

  • AGREED! I can’t believe how little attention the writers are paying to Nate — and Vanessa too! It seems like the writers don’t really know what to do with these characters at all anymore. Do they even have a plan for the series, or even just the season? Or are they all sitting around in the writer’s room, twiddling their thumbs playing hangman? “Oh, hey, I think I have something that’ll work this week. Let’s make Jenny jealous of all the time that Eric is spending with his boyfriend.” “Does Eric even still have a boyfriend? Where is that guy, anyway?” “It doesn’t matter, no one will care as long as there’s some sort of inane arguing.” “Good plan, I say we go with that.” “And while we’re at it, let’s get Serena and Dan together again just for kicks. Oh, I know it doesn’t make sense, but again, who’s gonna care?”

    Gossip Girl is heading downhill fast — the writers better step it up before they lose their 20+-year-old audience.

  • I miss Mr. ManBangs, but I think he’s been through enough drama right now… the thing about an ensemble cast is everyone needs time to shine… he did pretty well with the whole family drama, but we all know no-drama relationships don’t make for riveting TV.

    I want to know why they are making a big deal about Dan and Serena when even a shared half-sibling would not make them any more related than I am to Penn Badgley right now???

  • nctodc

    I had this question last week–it seemed weird that Nate wasn’t there to support Chuck as he was borderline suicidal.

  • Jessica

    Well Nate’s Happy at the moment and anyone who watches soaps (lets face that’s what this is) Knows that happy = boring. So something huge will happen (Isn’t somebody supposed to end up preggers?) and unhappy/angry Nate will be back front and center. I was happy to see him supporting Chuck though cause he and blair are Chuck’s only real friends. And I might be in the minority but I would’ve preferred them persuing the Jenny/Nate story better much more drama.

  • Ace

    I miss Nate too but if it means we have to have more Vanessa, then I say no thank you :-P.

    Jessica — In theory I am with you about the Jenny/Nate thing b/c they actually seemed to have chemistry. But it almost felt like she was kissing her cousin or something, so it was just creepy.

  • You think maybe it’s because all the controversy he got when he supposedly started demanding more money?

  • Gabi

    Nate is the most boring character on that show, I’m glad the writers have forgotten about him, they probably think Chace plays him bad too (at least I do). And Vanessa and Nate are the most boring couple ever. Well, 90210’s Annie and Ethan is close second.

  • Kelly

    As a reader of the book series, the show has ruined Nate and taken any role he had in the lives of the other characters away. I like the way as has changed Chuck but they changed Nate so much that there is no where he can go. They either need to make him go back out with Blair or be with Serena because that is the only purpose he has on the show.

  • allie

    And he’s so pretty… it’s a crime not to let us experience that prettiness every week 😉

  • Alanna

    Truth be told….Chace Crawford is just not that great of an actor…but HE IS HOT…and he is CHUCK’S BEST FRIEND…

    It seriously makes NO SENSE that while Chuck is going through all this drama, his best friend isn’t by his side

    but I agree wit the comment…if More Nate means More Vanessa….then NO THANKYOU!!


  • tim w. in tx

    Is this cost cutting measures? Is this because Crawford asked for a pay increase and what better way to reward him than show him, ‘hey, we can give you more money, but we’ll be using you less.” LOL Where’s he living? The writers did drop that ball. It’s almost like, ‘hey you’re paired with V and she’s only on every 3 eps.” lol Too bad, Chuck’s dad didn’t wreck that limo into Vanessa while she was in the streets with Nate. Now that would have been GREAT. Two birds with one stone.

  • lilia

    who cares, it’s not like he’s that great of an actor anyway. i’d rather see chuck and blair and dorota or even rufus and lily, rather than have to watch boring nate in his boring scenes. i didn’t even miss him in the recent episodes until someone else mentioned him not being there.

  • S

    Trust me, you’re not in the minority. There are ALOT of people who would have rather they went in the Nate/Jenny direction. Chace and Taylor have WAAAY too much chemistry just to let that go. I know it might make some people uncomfortable because of their real life age difference, but come on…Taylor is getting older and definitely doesn’t look 15…I never thought GG would shy away from doing something borderline scandalous even though I don’t think the 2 year age difference between NJ is that big of a deal…but there’s so much drama there). Besides, pairing him with Vanessa was the worst mistake they ever made (although it amuses me they had him “pick” V and they haven’t had a scene in 3 episodes…at least he has focus and attention with J). I’m still hoping the writers/producers will see the error of their ways and dump the N//V storyline and pave the way for Nate and Jenny to work things out. They don’t even have to get back together right away. They can bring back their friendship and make him jealous of someone she’s dating or whatever…but seriously anything but N//V. They are BORING.

  • Sarah

    Totally agree about N/J versus N/V. It’s like the writers went, “Oh, wait, this is the Blair and Chuck show, so let’s put Nate back with Vanessa because then we won’t have to think up storylines for anyone else but Blair and Chuck.” And seriously, don’t get why everyone was freaking about the age difference. They’re actors. It’s not like actors playing couples haven’t had a huge age difference before. I mean, Chuck almost raped Jenny in the first episode and Taylor Momsen was 13 when that was shot. Jenny and Nate are only two years apart and were a major couple in the books so IMO people need to get over it. Taylor is a way better actress than Jessica Szohr too and an NJ relationship would make Nate far less cut off from the rest of the UES. But like I said earlier, the writers are lazy, so instead we get this NV crap.